Rainy Days & Runaway Cows

So I posted on my blog, acliddle.blog, yesterday that was unable to walk due to rain and the migraine that came with it.

Today it is still raining and while I do not feel sick, I have lost my voice, and I am fatigued.

Rather than another missed post I thought I would tell a couple of stories about loose cows.

I am not sure how they got out but in both cases their escapes were precipitated by…well precipitation..rain, and storms. I am not sure if the cows became restless or what but there it is.

The first story: I was driving home from work, on the backroads through the country. Ahead of me I saw three cars in the on coming lane with their flashers on. Then I saw in my lane, heading towards me a what looked to be pregnant cow. I was able to get around her, for she was not to be detoured from her path. Further down the road I saw the possible pasture she had escaped from. Then I noticed in the ditch another cow who had decided to take a walk. This cow did not look pregnant.

The second story: Today I was riding with a friend; we were going into town for errands. We came around a curve, right before a small bridge and there meandering around, were six cows on the side of road. Not sure what pasture they came from. They were gone by the time we were headed back.

Ah Life in the Country.


The Old man’s 17 cows

I read stories that intrigue me. A most intriguing one I read recently is about an old great business magnate who had three sons. As he was old, he knew he would soon die; and wanted his sons to live happily together when he was no longer there. So, one day he called them to his bedside and said:
“My sons, soon I will leave you for the world beyond. In my ranch there are 17 cows. Ngwa, the oldest among you will take half. Ateh, the second will take one third, and Berinyuy, the youngest will take one-ninth. All three of you must see that my wish is carried out; and you must live peacefully together when I am gone.”
Shortly after that he died. The three sons wanted to respect their father’s will, but found it hard. How could they share the cows without killing one of them? Each one wanted it his own way. Then they argued, quarreled and eventually fought. But, that did not help.
Luckily for them, in that village, there was a wise man, commonly called ‘The Wise” who solved all difficult problems. Never had a problem ever beaten him. They took the matter to him and, indeed, he solved it for them. The cows were shared exactly as their father had instructed without any being killed; and all three of them were satisfied. No cow was left over.
Question: what did the wise man do for the seventeen cows to be divided exactly as the old man had instructed?

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