Word artists

Artists are great;
The greatest of them,
Word artists;
They create works of art
With nothing but words;
The great ones shape minds greatly,
And grip hearts greatly;
And define which direction
The world will go.
Why not be a word artist?
And a great word artist;
Spend your life
Learning to create with words;
Spend your life creating with words;
Define and refine;
And make your name;
Make a big name.


Things you can create

Many things you can create;
Here I have created a post;
Don’t only enjoy what others have created;
Create something,
That you and others may also enjoy;
At a loss what you can create?
Why not create a smile now?
It will brighten the day for someone;
Every smile is an original creation;
Create love;
Or create a good atmosphere
At your work place;
Why not create a friendly environment
Where you live?
Where there is no peace, create peace;
Where good relations don’t exist, create good relations;
If you are at loggerheads with your neighbors,
Create a peaceful atmosphere;
Create love and unity;
And let your families live together in love and peace.
Indeed, you can create, create, create.
Can you think of anything you can create?
Why not share below?

You have created

If you are a blogger, you have created. We bloggers are creators, aren’t we? You have created a blog. It did not exist. You brought it to life. It is the product of your imagination, decision and courage.

How long will this creation of yours last? How far will it go? What will be its impact?

It’s all left to you. Some blogs that were created on the same day like yours have long died. Many will still disappear from the blogosphere. Yet, some will go on to make it big. What of yours? Has it died? Will you let it die? Will it go on to be an outstanding success? All is left to you. You can make it whatever you really want.


Create your own thing!

The Almighty God is the Champion Creator;
He creates with ease and speed;
He never stops creating;
Since he first created the world
He continues to create;
We each have talents to create;
Before I got the day’s prompt,
I had talked about create;
Create an impact wherever you go;
Create an impact with your life;
Use your talent to create and create;
Use your talent to create your own thing.


#create, #daily-prompt

Create your own thing

You want to create your own thing?
Laudable ambition;
Think hard;
Work hard;
Fight hard;
It’s not easy to create anything;
But no one says it’s impossible,
You only have to think hard;
Believe hard;
And work hard;
Your imagination has to go to work;
You have to listen to your inner self,
And take a look at what others are doing;
Of course, you have to be determined
To create your own thing;
And the truth is you can do it.

The demons of the world

Who creates the demons
Of the world?
The world creates her demons
It’s not God who creates demons;
God creates humans;
The world turns them
Into demons;
God creates hearts that love;
The world turns them
Into hearts that hate;
God creates generous hearts;
The world turns them
Into selfish hearts;
God creates sharing people;
The world turns them
Into greedy people.

This poem was inspired by a comment sent to me by Lelenad Olsen Hoel. He was commenting on my post What would you ask for? Leland has a blog  My Mixed blog. You may want to visit him. Thank you Leland for inspiring me to write this poem.

The most formidable machine

If you don’t know what you can do,
Let me tell you;
What you can do is more than
You can imagine;
In you there is the most formidable machine
Called the human mind;
It can do and undo;
The human mind has done marvels;
It has taken people to the moon
And back;
It has taken people to the bottom
of the sea
And back;
It has invented the airplane;
It has created modern information
And communication technology;
It has reduced the world
To a global village;
It has found cures to all types of diseases;
Yet, what it has done is nothing
Compared to what it can do;
What you now see is far from
What it will do;
If you make the most of this instrument
In you called the mind,
You will astound yourself;
What you will do
Will stagger the imagination;
You will move the world.