Quote (overpower)

“… if mankind is not careful, mankind could be overpowered by its own creation, especially when its creation is given autonomy, or a very high degree of it.” (Ihagh G. T.)


The Three Will Meet

As the sun glistened in the sky, so shall God’s love and mercy radiate below the heavens. The waters receded reflecting the beginning of life. The elegance of the ocean’s beauty permeated in every ripple and sparkled like diamonds. Marine life emerged, slowly inhabiting the pristine bodies of the sea. The earth turned green from the growth of new sprouts. Creatures with feathers perched atop cliffs and took their first flight in the morning breeze. Beasts of the earth moved along the ground frolicking and seeking food. God was pleased He created a perfect balance to the sea and land.

It is here the three will meet…

So, God decided it was time to create His own image and let him enjoy the fruits of His imagination. Man, the most sophisticated species, roamed the land and learned to hunt above and below the earth’s surface. But, our Creator realized man needed a complement, so he didn’t have to live alone. He made a correction to the plan and gave the man a submissive woman to love, adore, and honor. She was a goddess from heaven, where all human life evolved, and a rib created her. They cultivated the earth with the enjoyment of love, bringing gifts to God. What a masterfully crafted world designed by an architect far beyond our scope of knowledge!

It is here the three will meet…

Image courtesy of cobbledstones.wordpress.com

Then suddenly, out of the blue, cumulus clouds mounted, and storms roared destruction to His creation. Evil evolved, and lightning tried to conquer the earth. God was furious Satan, a fallen angel of all people, found pleasure in the flames of wickedness. So, Noah built an ark to help Him wash away the sin of the world, but to no avail. Evil came back with a vengeance. This time, God sent Moses with scripted laws in stone which gave guidelines for mankind to live by, but still, immorality existed. Now distraught, God insisted on filling the world with love, so He divinely created an offspring in His own image. This child would attempt to right the wrong in people.

There the three will meet…

Ultimate wealth now lies upon the edges of the origin of the earth. God vowed His son shall return and destroy all persisting evil. If you lay claim to worldly idols, be prepared… you won’t have them much longer. Death and destruction are in the forecast. God will eliminate sin with the same scorching flames evil derived from when Satan arrived on earth.

So, I shall run to meet Him, at His point of origin – the beginning of life. Like all sinners, I too will bear the heartaches of hell on the incoming tide. God will scold for poor choices, yet many will still choose the path of least resistance. Behold your breath, for the undertaking of God words, shall not be minced in heaven. I will stand with all of humanity, when the firestorm commences, praying our Father will save those who asked for forgiveness.

I beacon all believers to join me. Let us gather, in good faith, and bring love to the beach where Christ will come calling once again.

For there the three will meet – the Father, the Son, and… will you be joining me too in the celebration? ~~www.danabicksauthor.com~~



The Halo of Life

The thought of newly transplanted foliage thriving in the winter’s cold air enticed me to pray for God’s help. I raised the living room shades, and our tree was gleaming in His morning rays. It began in February as lifeless vegetation, a root ball almost too heavy for my wife and I to plant in the ground. We gently slid it into a wheelbarrow and positioned this poor sapling in front of the window. With high hopes and lots of prayers, we asked God to bless our achievement and to nourish this impressive little ten-foot red Dogwood tree.

I’m sure most of my readers heard or read all the versions of “Legend of the Dogwood Tree.” Our Dogwood, though, became special when a supernatural event occurred within a week of planting it in the yard. Amongst the dead winter sod, and obvious to the naked eye, an indisputable halo of green grass sprouted around its base. I showed my wife and a neighbor, in disbelief, and we sat to praise God. In all my years of landscaping, I never witnessed something so mystical! Halos mean the Kingdom of light, and that which dons them has spiritual power and life. Was this tree put in my hands for a reason?

A halo of green grass…image by Bicks Books LLC.

Last night, a short month after its birth to our home, the cold rains blew; this morning we opened the blinds only to discover God’s magnificent gift. Our most prized possession, the red Dogwood tree, blossomed with brilliant crimson blooms and just in time for Easter. Our hard-earned efforts yielded God’s acknowledgment of thanks for giving life to this little dogwood tree, now a sanctuary standing ever tall.

Maybe this halo occurrence is quirky to some but we’ve planted many trees and bushes in our yard, and nothing appears abnormal about them. But the little red Dogwood brightens our day, blooming blood-stained petals in the shape of a cross, along with its own halo. The Lord, no doubt, is very much in control of His creations, and perhaps He anoints them with His messages… just like this tree.

Jesus donned a crown of thorns and was crucified on a wooden cross for our sins. Whether it was a dogwood He hung from (as legend claims), or another type of wood is of scant importance. Living in the consciousness of Christ is the most essential part of being a Christian. Be aware of God’s signs – they are all around you, even in nature. Let’s understand everything good originates from Him, and He wants us to protect the halo of life.

God bless you as we prepare for the Easter season.



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What Time Is It, Really?

I want to thank my older brother for the outstanding message in today’s blog. In all of my writings, only twice have I found myself in a quandary of perplexing thoughts. Once was an incident which occurred when I arrived home from work and my wife was in a dialog with the “First Lady.” She wanted to speak to me, and for once, I was at a total loss for words. Today is the second time someone dealt me an inspiration where more questions than answers came to mind – so what time is it? We are now in the year 2019 of our Lord, but is this time based on the minute Christ was born?

Non-believers try to address different calendar clocks, but I merely ask as you look at your watches, what timeframe was it before Christ was born? The answer is B.C., which means “Before Christ.” Today, it is A.D. “in the year of our Lord.” So, how in the world can you possibly not believe in God? As explicit as this dating system is to everyone, I’m perplexed because the time on our watches today are based on the original point of origin, or life, created by Christ’s existence. Why are some still doubting there is a God?

Though the B.C./A.D. system was not implemented until many centuries after Jesus’s death, its purpose was to make the life and times of Jesus Christ the dividing point of world history. It is quite ironic… while doing research on the development of our calendars, I found articles with these details from other religious beliefs:

  • The Islamic calendar designates 622 A.D. as year 1 because of a holy journey Prophet Mohammed made in that age
  • In Buddhism, their God, Buddha, died over 400 years before Christ was born.

Upon analyzing the statements above, do you see other religions have important events timed on the birth of Christ?? Even scientists, who desperately try to disprove a God, base their findings on the B.C./A.D. system. How can one question our Lord’s supremacy? There is no doubt the birth of a Savior was significant enough to develop it into a time system!

So, the bigger question is, are you now worried about your relationship with the Lord? Maybe some will be! We all need to take a closer look at where we stand with Christ for he is real and alive. Life is ticking down on our watches every single day. He is coming again, whether you choose to believe it, and it will be in His timing – not according to our time schedule!


Beginning Sunday, February 3rd, Blogging 2 Believers will start YouTube Channel videos discussing our blogs. Would love to have you participate with comments and questions for us! Hope to see you there!

Starting anew this day

I will start anew this day;
I will make a new beginning;
I will leave my past behind;
I will make a fresh start;
I will be prudent this time;
I will be more responsible;
I will look before I leap;
I will do what I was taught;
I will think outside the box.
I will have faith in God;
I will act with confidence;
I will start all over again;
I will start from square one.
I will build a positive mindset;
I will work hard and succeed;
I will be good and kind;
I will be loving to all;
I will be a new creation.
I will be a winner not a loser.

The broken pieces

green printed door building

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You gather the broken pieces,
Don’t let them lie awasting;
They too have their usage;
When the vase has shattered,
All cannot be allowed to scatter,
None should le that happen;
You gather the broken pieces;
And still do something remarkable;
Those broken pieces
Can birth
A totally new creation;
When anything is broken,
Don’t settle your mind on the damage;
And let it go aworrying;
Think instead of the profit,
That can come out of the damage.
So now, as your jar is broken,
Get your thinking cap and put on,
You will make a great discovery,
How to piece
The broken pieces together,
And make anew, the shattered,
That will look bright and shining.

Who dares to judge?

attractive beautiful beautiful girl beauty

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

woman standing beside beige wall

Photo by Femi Sho on Pexels.com

Every woman I know is beautiful:
Every man I know is handsome;
The reason is simple to understand;
God is the greatest craftsman
In the whole wide universe;
No craftsman is better than him;
None will do anything near him;
Everything he does is the best
That can ever be done;
There is nothing like an ugly
Human being in this world of ours;
Who dares to judge God’s work?
You do have but limited eyes;
A limited mind, and limited heart;
You dare call God’s work ugly?
If you can do a better job, do it;
If anybody can do a better job,
Let them go ahead and do it;
I vehemently say no my friend!
Stop judging the work of
The creator’s perfect hands;
Why Call some beautiful,
Some handsome and some ugly?
None is ugly; all is beautiful;
God does not create junk or thrash;
God produces the best
That can ever be done;
Who tells you the thin woman
Is more beautiful than the fat one?
Or the one fair in skin
Is more beautiful than the dark one?
Skin color has nothing to do:
Neither does body size;
All are beautiful, all are handsome.
God created them and saw they were good.

Song ‘Calm Beauty’ based on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (audio track & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song ‘Calm Beauty’: based on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam it is lifting a fold of the veil that hides the infinite knowledge.


Calm Beauty (Dedicated To Omar Khayyam, The Astronomer-Poet Of Persia And Based On His Stanzas Of Four Lines Called Rubaiyat)

When you and I behind the veil are past,
oh, but the long, long while the world shall last,
which of our coming and departure heeds,
as the sea‘s self should heed a pebble-cast.

A moment‘s halt – a momentary taste
of being from the well amid the waste –
and lo! – the phantom caravan has reached
the nothing it set out from – oh, make haste!

Would you that spangle of existence spend
about the secret – quick about it, friend!
A hair perhaps divides the false from the true –
and upon what may life depend?

A hair perhaps divides the false and true;
Yes; and a single sign were the clue –
could you but find it – to the treasure-house
and peradventure to the master too.

Whose secret presence through creation‘s veins
running quicksilver-like eludes our pains;
taking all shapes from small to grand and
they change and perish all – but he remains.

And fear not lest existence closing your account
and mine should know the like no more;
the eternal one from that bowl has poured
millions of bubbles like us, and will pour.

When you and I behind the veil are past,
oh, but the long, long while the world shall last,
which of our coming and departure heeds
as the sea‘s self should heed a pebble-cast.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

More songs and videos: MichelMontecrossa.com

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photo by Mirakali Montecrossa

You are great O Lord!

Looking up at the sky,
What do you see?
You see the wonders of the Lord,
Don’t you?
I believe you do;
That is what I see myself;
The wonders of the Almighty Creator;
The white blue sky with its white blue clouds;
Gliding along gracefully and confidently;
When it’s night I see the glittering stars,
And at times, I see the moon,
Whiter than snow;
It’s such a beautiful site;
And reflects, in a minute way,
The immensity of the Creator’s
Unfathomable mind;
You are great O Lord!
You are, indeed, great O Lord!