You are great O Lord!

Looking up at the sky,
What do you see?
You see the wonders of the Lord,
Don’t you?
I believe you do;
That is what I see myself;
The wonders of the Almighty Creator;
The white blue sky with its white blue clouds;
Gliding along gracefully and confidently;
When it’s night I see the glittering stars,
And at times, I see the moon,
Whiter than snow;
It’s such a beautiful site;
And reflects, in a minute way,
The immensity of the Creator’s
Unfathomable mind;
You are great O Lord!
You are, indeed, great O Lord!


The day the earth will die

Some people talk about the end of the world as if it were a joke. It is not a joke. It is a serious matter. One day, the world will come to an end. However, it will not be the way we have been made to understand.

The world will come to an end the day the earth will die. The earth will die some day; and life will come to an end here on earth.

How do I know this. It’s easy. Every living thing dies. Animals die. Plants die. Birds, die. Insects die. The earth is a living thing. It could not have been producing all the life on earth, if it were not a living thing.

As a living thing, it is dying gradually as the days go by. It will, with time, get too old and worn out and will die. That may take thousands and thousands of yeas or more, but it will happen. When this happens, all life will come to an end because life on earth depends on a living earth.

If the earth is dead, it will no longer produce crops, water, air on which life depends. How then shall life survive on earth?

A good question is shall the death of the earth be the end of life in the universe? No! On earth, yes. But life will take off on another planet. It is hard to say what type of beings God will create at that time; But it will be a good guess that he will.

God will never die; and will never want to be alone. He will create other living forms; and the process of life will begin again.

Are there really non-believers in God?

IMG_0165krI have never stopped wondering if there are really people who do not believe in God? Who is not amazed by the wisdom of God? It’s just beyond my imagination how wise and mighty God must be. When doubts about God stray into my mind, I think of nature; the world and all that’s in it. How did it come about and to be so perfectly made?

Imagine all the living and non-living things in the world! Think of the human being. Think of how we breathe; how blood circulates in our bodies; how our bodies digest food! There is a Supreme Creator for sure.

Think of how a human being is conceived! Think of all the other living things. Think of the sun that gives heat and life to the world!

I cannot fail to marvel at the wisdom and awesomeness of the Creator of all that I see – the air, the water, the stars; and I pray “God, help me to believe in you even if I can’t understand you; to love you; to adore you because you are real and mighty.  Pardon those who do not believe in you for they know not what they do.” IMG_0177