Mother Nature Knows 3.15.2019

I hear the sweet sounds

Of peep, peep,

From the peepers in the pond.

I see a zig zag, flash,

Of lightening in the distance.

A Spring rain, is blowing,

Across my face,

Pushed by a warm breeze.

It puts my mind at ease.

Yet, my heart beats,


As I realize,

I may have stumbled

Into love.

Kind Regards and Happy Friday – K


10 tips to become a great writer

To become a great writer is not an easy thing. But it is not impossible either. It is at the reach of all.

Anyone who takes appropriate measures can become a great writer.

Here are 10 tips to help you become a great writer.

  1. Believe you can be a great writer
  2. Visualize yourself as a great writer.
  3. Go to school and learn how to write.
  4. Learn on your own as t home.
  5. Read a lot of good writings by great writers.
  6. Learn from others.
  7. Practice, practice and practice.
  8. Persist when it is difficult.
  9. Do not yield to discouraging messages.
  10. Pray for help to write the best you can.

No one says these 10 things are easy to do. Don’t expect anything worthwhile in this world to come easily to you. If you do these 10 things, no one can stop you from becoming a great writer.

The burden of secrets

This post is in response to the “Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 13

This week’s theme is – Weight’

The rules are:–

  1. Only one submission per user is allowed.
  2. You must link the original in order to be considered for the competition, i.e. pingback your post to the post.
  3. Word limit is strictly 100 words.

Her shoulders could no longer bear the weight of the secret that she had been holding for so long. Nightmares flooded her happy and melancholic memories. Regret filled her eyes as her life passed through her head. She dissected the guilt, the anger and the viciousness that she felt, and she realized that the double life that she had been living caught up with her. She could no longer contain the feelings of disgust, confusion and frustration when she thought of the love that she held for her colleague, a woman, despite being a straight married woman for 10 years.

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What this month brings

I can see what this month brings to you;
I can see what this month has for you;
I can see your blessings for this month;
I can see what God has planned for you;
I can see it through the eyes of faith;
I can see it since I can visualize it;
I can see that from God good will come;
I can see how happy you are;
I can see the joy in your heart;
I can see you smiling from jaw to jaw;
I can see people admiring you this month.
I can see people liking your work;
I can see you doing very well this month.

Anxious to meet him

She is waiting impatiently at the luggage carousel. Her heart is pounding fast. She is anxious to pick up her luggage and dash off to meet the one who has stolen her heart. Thinking about him, it is as if she can faint. She is so much in love with him.

They have not met before. This will be their first meeting. But she knows him to be a handsome guy. She has seen his photos. He is very photogenic and she has no doubt he will be as handsome as he looks in his photos….

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Shallow knowledge

Your thinking, to say the least, is very shallow. Equally shallow is your knowledge of the subject. This explains the shallow analysis you are making.
This is dangerous. I advice that you study further to deepen your understanding of the subject. Shallow knowledge of a subject can lead to very misleading conclusions and dangerous decisions.


Best day of the week

Which is your best day of the week?

Some people have a particular day of the week that they love most. They always look forward to it. They have their reasons for loving this particular day.

Some other people do not a particular day that they love most. To them all the days are the same; and they see no reason preferring one day to another.

What about you?

As for me, I fall in the category of those who do not have preference for any one day. I Don’t see why I should prefer one day to another. I take all the days to be the same. On some weeks, my best day is Sunday. On some, it is Monday. On some, Tuesday, yet, on some, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

However, I wouldn’t judge anyone who has a particular day as their best day. If you listen to their reasons, you may see that they have a point.

The day that I consider my best day any week is usually the day that I have the best interaction on my blog. I have a passion for blogging and you, my fellow bloggers are among my best friends. Though we do not see each other physically, I have a strong love for you. When I write posts which you appreciate I have the joy of having satisfied you. That makes me very happy.

I would like you to tell me if you have a particular day you consider your best day every week. If so, why? If not, why not? Thanks in advance for sharing.

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