Success advice 9

Don’t lock yourself in routine if you want to make a difference. Be creative. Think of new ways of doing things and do them differently from others. That will make you stand out of the crowd.


The Journey of Nostalgia

Hello Friends! I have reached my 100th post on my personal blog! To celebrate this, I had previously asked my friends on social media, and on WordPress to send me word(s) or phrases for me to create something out of them. I have tried to incorporate the words you (they) sent me in the most beautiful way I can in the last part of my series “The Journey of Nostalgia”.

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When I was a teen
I thought I knew it all
But I was only eighteen
And had never thought about much really

When I was a teen
I thought I was independent
Because I had read and seen
Books and movies
And I thought I was the wisest of them all

When I was a teen
I thought alone and lonely were the same
But all I had felt was loneliness
I hadn’t known what it is “to be alone”
I didn’t know the difference

Sleepless nights
Moonless and dark
No streetlight
Could create the dawn
I wanted so desperately

Early mornings
Sunny and hot
Gulping coffee
Concentrating so hard in class
That I often forgot
There were people around me

People, classmates especially
Were bothersome, cumbersome
In my way
I had no time
For mindless conversations
For my brain to distract itself
From what really “mattered”

I was lonely
Despite having friends
It was not their fault
Heck it was not mine
I engaged in a lot of activities
Like Rotaract*
Just not to think about
When the sun would set
And I would be in solitude
With my dark and painful thoughts
Dissecting my actions and feelings
Of the day
Of the week
Of the month
Of the year
Of 10 years ago

I never thought
The sun would ever dawn
In my world
But it did

The dark thoughts still
Tiptoe in my mind
But they are ethereal**

I have experienced a new slice of the world
I have had a taste of true freedom

And once you taste real freedom
Your taste buds can’t go back
To the old and unevolved
There is a thirst and hunger
For the uncertain and the unknown

You experience
The good and the bad
Of being alone

Just taking a bus somewhere
Is an achievement
Getting lost and finding your way
Is the most fun
You can have

Disappointment and excitement
Become a way of life
And you wish
Everyday had an element of risk
Which makes you want
To seek to understand***
Yourself and your purpose


Happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends, here on the WordPress platform and everywhere else!

I would like to thank my friends:



***Cyril Junior

For their words and/or phrases

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Everyone can be creative

How creative are you?
You may be very creative;
That is good;
I congratulate you;
You may not be creative;
Well, no problem;
You are not alone;
But you can change;
You can become creative;
All is to learn;
Anything you want to do,
If you don’t know
How to do it;
Instead of crying around,
Or cursing your destiny,
Learn to do it;
Learning sources are galore;
Learn how to be creative;
And you will be creative.
Everyone can be creative.
You are no exception;
And it pays to be creative;
Learn to be creative;
Become creative;
And reap the fruits of being creative.


Smell so refreshing, yet old at the same time. Collated in a row for the amusement of the eyes; ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ they say; yet wishing they were all mine. 

Feel so soft, so gentle, yet powerful at the same time, ink on the pages ensure a new excitement, new journey, a new vision or frame of mind. 

Caressing the books gently, lifting one at a time, which can I choose to take home to be mine. 

Mind struggles to narrow for one or two; looking eagerly from left to right, hoping, searching; for clues. 

Heart sinks at the thought of abandoning any, I gaze, I adore, incase I lose interest in any, as time ticks away; I conclude, clutching the entire bundle, reassuring that it’s the right thing to do. 

Walking away with my new collection, eager to seep through, I won’t buy anymore I assure myself, it was the best thing to do. 

For all the book lovers.


Painting ’Madonna Of Love & Work’

Painting by Michel Montecrossa’Madonna Of Love & Work’

Description: ’Madonna Of Love & Work’, Mirapuri, 17th April 2013, acryl on double-canvas; 2 x 80 x 100cm

Copyright: All Michel Montecrossa Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Digital-Art, Art-Objects and Movies © Filmaur Multimedia

All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings can be seen as previews:

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“My art is Deep-Brain-Art evolving in unison with the pulse of time in the heart and vision of humanity.
Deep-Brain-Art is experience-art and brings to the front the revealed and creatively activated mystery of consciousness.
Deep-Brain-Art is one with the morphogenetic field of the people of the world to do them good.
Deep-Brain-Art is showing the experience of happiness, love, insight, wisdom and the smiling and indomitable creative joy of powerful peace.
The mission of my Deep-Brain-Art is to bring these future-oriented qualities to the awareness of the people all over the world.
For completing this cultural mission my Deep-Brain-Art paintings & drawings join forces with my music, books and movies to create a full-stream-of-consciousness event for an international audience. ..”

(Michel Montecrossa about his ‘DEEP BRAIN’ Art Exhibition)