You can create

Can you create your own thing?
How easy or difficult is it?
I think it is not as difficult
As many people tend to think;
And it is a great thing to do;
Surely, it takes creativity; What we call a creative mind
To create anything at all;
But you may have such a mind
Without being aware of it;
You have to try to create;
And it may surprise you
To see how far you can go.
It is always good to try;
Do not decide what you can do
And cannot do without trying.
There is nothing wrong in trying;
Try your hand at creating;
Make something that can be traced back to you.
The possibility to create
Is available in every domain;
A piece of writing like this
Is a creation;
You can create your own poem;
You can create a story;
You can create a book.
Artists are creators;
To create simply means
To bring something into existence;
To manufacture;
Or generate;
To produce something that did not exist.
Indeed, there is a need
To cultivate the habit of creating.
It will bring enormous rewards;
It is worthwhile, indeed.


They have a point (Be/inspired today 379 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Creativity, an indispensable
tool for success;
The more creative you are,
The greater your chances
of success;
Creativity mothers success;
Unless you are creative,
You will always do things
The old way,
As you have always done;
And as you know, same methods,
will give same results;
New methods, new results;
Thus, it stands, evident,
That if you want results
Different from what you are having,
You go for different methods;
And that is where creativity
Comes in.
Some say creativity
Is the key to success;
I think they have a point;
A very valid point.

Prayer for the gift of writing

This is a prayer for the gift of writing:

O Mighty God, source of every gift;
I pray for the gift of writing;
That I may write
All that you inspire me
To write,
In the best way that
You want;
Grant me the gift of words,
So that I may find
The right words to use
When I write;
May I excel in writing;
That what I write may be pleasant and edifying;
Grant me the ability to impact my readers,
And move them to think, behave and act in ways that will bring glory to your name;
You granted the gift to write
To Shakespeare, Dickens, Chaucer,
Jane Austin, Achebe, Soyinka,
And many more;
You have made great authors
To touch hearts all over the world;
The great poets, novelists
And playwrights were all inspired
By you.
Do same to me.
My humble supplication
I submit to you in all humility and faith.

Thinking like a winner

“I have learned that winning takes thinking like a winner. Where the loser sees darkness and complains, the winner sees an opportunity for creativity, if not to have light, to cope happily without light, or to get something beneficial from the darkness. He doesn’t spend precious time complaining or grumbling about the darkness.” (Romilia quotes)

The letter D

What comes to mind
When you think of
The letter D:
I Dare you; I Damn you; or
You are a Darling
A Dear one
In the silence of my heart
I contemplated her
I wonder why
I felt the urge to reach out
That fear of rejection
Simply went backstage
A silent prayer
I said a fold over
May she have a flower in her hair
May her voice be melodious
May her gaze be peaceful
May her touch be soft
And that’s what I think of
When I write the letter D
That cheer which keeps you on
That poem which makes you dream
The gist which keeps you merry
Even her swag makes you hopeful
And the mild fierceness so sweet
And when her self I did behold
I knew through and through
That I hadn’t been dreaming
Not in vain were my musings
D stands for Darling
It stands for Dona
In the alphabet of my soul
Where am free to define my letters

By Marie Abanga.

SIWO Weekly Creative Writing Trigger 1

Hello friends!

Many of you know about the Weekly writing Trigger here on SIWO that used to go during the weekends.

It went off for a while but is coming back more powerfully.

This time we shall call it SIWO Weekly Creative Writing Trigger.

The trigger will challenge you to write a post during the week end starting on Friday evening.

When you finish writing, you shall share the link in the comment box here. That will enable the rest of the community to visit, read, like and comment.

This week’s Trigger: Fake news

Happy blogging!

Everyone can be creative

How creative are you?
You may be very creative;
That is good;
I congratulate you;
You may not be creative;
Well, no problem;
You are not alone;
But you can change;
You can become creative;
All is to learn;
Anything you want to do,
If you don’t know
How to do it;
Instead of crying around,
Or cursing your destiny,
Learn to do it;
Learning sources are galore;
Learn how to be creative;
And you will be creative.
Everyone can be creative.
You are no exception;
And it pays to be creative;
Learn to be creative;
Become creative;
And reap the fruits of being creative.