Frank declaration of love

Have I ever declared my love to you?
Have I ever told you how so
Dearly I love you?
That I am almost crazy about you?
And why I love you with such a passion?
This is what I want to do;
You are so special; so unique;
So everything;
Your ways are different.
It’s not just your disarming beauty
That has caught me arms down,
It’s more especially the content of your heart.
You have a heart of gold, full of nectar;
Or I should say honey;
You are sweeter than anything
I have ever tasted;
You are
Loving, loyal, faithful and supportive;
You are a charming and charismatic queen;
With a great personality that is disarming;
Since I knew you I’ve not seen
You dump a friend;
Your love is boundless;
Time and distance
Will never stop you from being
My angel;
The sweetest thing on the surface of our planet;
I can imagine how sweet a flavor the air
Around you should have;
I want you never to hunger for love;
As I will make sure you bathe in love
Every day;
Close your eyes for a while now,
And savor the fresh breeze of love
That, at this moment, is flowing
From my heart for you to you!

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Sweet wounds of love

Randy’s sweet heart betrayed him and broke his heart. He had trusted her with all his heart. They were neck-deep in love, he thought.

One day, he got up to find he had no wife. She was no longer there for him. Without a word, she had flown off with his best friend. Only two days later did she send word telling him not to wait for him as he was already on a honey moon with his best friend.

This was too much for Randy. He collapsed; and when he became conscious he was in a hospital bed. It took him quite a while to come back to himself.

Randy narrates this story beautifully in a thrilling novel, SWEET WOUNDS OF LOVE which has earned for Randy a place in the Hall of fame. The betrayal turned out to be sweet betrayal after all. The wounds of love, sweet wounds of love. From a bottomless pit into which he was falling he rose to the pinnacle of fame.

We can always turn our disappointments into wonderful blessings.

If the election were rigged

‘What if the election were rigged?” Akabi asked her friend,Suze. Both of them had been dumbfounded when they got the final results. They had not expected or hoped for such results.

‘That is not impossible,” responded Suze. “Politicians are capable of anything; especially when they have money. But I wonder if anyone can do it and go free.”

“I think we are at the beginning of some real drama,” said Akabi. ‘What the days or months or years ahead may have in stock is hard to say.”

Akabi and Suze talked on and on. What they discussed was what was being discussed in many homes. The idea that the election might have been rigged was growing stronger and stronger in the country.

Election-rigging was nothing new any way. It was the method unscrupulous politicians used to climb to power without the mandate of the people.

Everywhere people were wondering if Akamancho’s victory was genuine or the election had been rigged in his favor. They wondered what would happen if it was later found that it had actually been rigged.


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So you’ve started a blog, but coming up with fresh ideas to publish is a challenge? You are certainly not alone. It’s a challenge that most bloggers face especially given the fact the for your blog to succeed, great content matters.

Without engaging content, you will not keep your audience’s attention and this ultimately leads to blog dormancy and failure.

Based on my experience of as an author of a blog that has run for only 18 months and in that short while, has over 1,800 published and well-received posts, I’ve compiled a help list of blog post ideas and activities that you can bookmark and refer to as often as you need to and this list is more than enough to keep you busy for a while depending on your publishing frequency.

Now, let’s quickly go through them. Read More

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #57

Everyone has something to smile about if they put their mind to it.

The mind is thinking a 1000 thoughts a minute and visualising some too.

The visualisation of ideas is fun for the beholder.

The beholder dreams what can be done with this creativity.

Creativity involves many people for it not to remain selfish,

Selfish ways can become quite dangerous,

And that can surely wipe off the smiles.

A world without smiles is no good to anyone.


Poetry is not the food to replace my Elevenses but it take over the time to eat.

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #28

Whenever a new recipe is introduced there’s great excitement.  Lots of people want to know what the dish or product is like in taste, in content, in calories and in appearance. Some are not interested at first and their minds can be changed, while others won’t budge.  It is therefore the job of the person who created the recipe or a marketing company to find ways of getting potential customers to test and like the product.

It has happeneI to me, while out shopping, I have been offered foods to taste and on occasions have bought a jar or packet of something new  and on sale because I liked it.  Other times the introductory price makes it worth trying but I definitely won’t buy if it will be of no use to me.  I wonder how many recipes started off by someone making their Elevenses or Brunch? LOL

A Pitta Bread filled with Grilled Tomatoes, Omelette and Fresh Parsley.  I had a cup of Lemon Tea too.  We can be as simple or as creative with our Elevenses/Brunch as we want.

Get out! (Add a line or more No 72)

What are you doing in darkness?
Get out!
You can’t lock yourself in darkness
When there is light all over.

What are you doing among losers?
Get out!
Join the winners!
That is where you belong.

What are you doing among negative thinkers?
Get out!
You shouldn’t be a negative thinker;
You should be a tough mined optimist;
Number one positive thinker.