Will a shower do?

I need a warm not cold shower;
To wash off the debris
Of the crumbled edifice
Of our once towering love;
So hard it was printed
In my heart;
Now, its hard to erase.
I think of you
When what I most need
Is to forget of you;
What kind of indelible ink
Dud you use
To print yourself
In my heart?
Will a shower do
To wipe it off?
Or I need a downpour
Of rain
To wash me clean of you?


The foolish and the wise people of the world.

“Don’t call yourself foolish if you fear the Lord. Call yourself the wise one. The foolish people of the world are the proud ones who think it is by their own power that they live, and walk, and go about whatever they do. Unfortunately for them, although they may go for years, apparently very successful, there comes a day when their two legs can no longer support them to stand; and so they come crumbling like an imposing edifice that comes down in a heap of waste. At all times in your life, put God ahead. Whether you are flying or crawling, his place ought to be at the center of your life.”

Romilia Quotes