34 important facts to know about the family


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The family is very important. If all families of the world were excellent families, we would have an excellent world. The best way to change the world from what it is to an excellent place for all is to invest resources, time, and knowledge to make our families excellent families. In our crusade for an excellent world, we want to focus on the family. Following are 34 important facts to note about the family:

  1. Every human being is a member of a family. 
  2. By virtue of our faith we are members of the family of God which is the Church. 
  3. Christ blessed the family into a holy institution by belonging to one.
  4. The Holy Family of Nazareth is a model for all families.   
  5. The characteristics of the Holy Family of Nazareth include their faith; their dependence on God and their readiness to fulfill the responsibilities of their faith. 
  6. Some of the values that shine out in the Holy Family are honour, respect and obedience to parents.
  7. There are qualities of a good Christian family which we need to emulate.
  8. What made the Holy Family exemplary was their patience; their persevering trust in God; their love for one another and their togetherness.  They were always together.
  9. They were together at Bethlehem, during the birth of Jesus and other good moments. In the midst of their problems they did not drift apart from each other.
  10. When husbands and wives stay together, and do things together, they thrive more and their love and trust deepen.
  11. We can make it as a couple if we stay together instead of each person laying blame on the other when things are tough.
  12. When a couple stands before the altar to be married, they make a commitment to love; to be faithful;to accept children lovingly from God and bring them up in the law of Christ and the Church.
  13. The family is the first school of life and spirituality where values and lessons of faith are taught.
  14. In the Holy Family of Nazareth, Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived and practised their faith.  Their family was a community of love and life. 
  15. We Christians must make our families a place of life and love; and a true domestic Church.  This will enable the family to stand united in faith and love in moments of difficulties and trials.
  16. Each member of the family has rights and obligations.
  17. Children must obey their parents.  A child who honours his father obtains forgiveness of his sins. The one who respects his mother reaps great treasure.
  18. Couples have to be dedicated to each other. The wife must love and respect her husband. The husbands must love and respect his wife.
  19. Parents must be good to their children.
  20. Family life can be very enjoyable.  Some people actually enjoy their family life. In their family they find happiness, care, comfort, communal support and mutual love.
  21. It is our duty to try to make our family life enjoyable.
  22. Some families do not enjoy family life. Members quarrel and fight; are intolerant, and inconsiderate.  There is rivalry, hatred, lack of respect and trust.  Such families must not despair because Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph are there to intercede for broken families.
  23. No family, actually, is void of problems; every family has its problems. Even the Holy Family is not left out. They met many challenges but because they were close to God and trusted in him, God stood close to them.
  24. All families today have the same access to the same God who is ready to bless them with peace, understanding, love, patience and forgiveness. 
  25. Prayer is very important for the family. Each family must pray together as a family.
  26. The family that prays together stays together.
  27. Because many families do not pray together, we are losing values such as respect, appreciation, obedience, care and mutual love.
  28.  There is a need for a family altar in every family for prayer and worship.
  29.  There is also a need for family fellowship at table.
  30.  In the words of Pope Pius XII, “The life of a family united in love is so beautiful. You can see each member eager and prompt in fulfilling his duties, in pleasing everyone, in practicing justice, honesty, kindness, patience in bearing adversities and in forgiving wrongs.” The members will show “strength in the hour of trial and under the weight of toil.  You can see the parents educating their children with love and in the practice of virtues.” In such a family, Pope Pius XII says, “God is honoured and faithfully served; everyone is treated with goodness.”  What, indeed, can be “more noble and more edifying?”   
  31. We all need to recognize the goodness of family life.
  32.  Parents have the responsibility to give their children proper education and bring them up properly.
  33. It is their duty to pass on to their children, and bear witness to, the meaning of life in Christ.
  34. They should be the first to proclaim God’s word to their children through their example, their fidelity and the unity of their family life.



Prayer for an excellent world

O Good Master, King of Glory,

Master of heaven and earth;

Here I am, still in bed,

Rolling from side to side,

In fear, doubt and worry,

Thinking about my day,

Thinking about my future;

Thinking about your plan

For my life this day;

And the year ahead;

Thinking about your plan

For us and our country;

As I lie here looking up,

Thinking of where to go

From here, my eyes are full

Of tears as I see a future

That does not give me hope;

How can tears not fill my eyes

When so many were brutally killed

This night in wicked

And meaningless fighting;

Violence, wars?

I can see blood all over;

Total despair grips me;

But I cannot forget, O Lord,

That you are here with me;

You have given us assurance

That you will be with us,

In good and bad times;

That even when the storms

Are raging,

We have no reason to doubt

If we put our trust in you;

Yes, O Lord, you are

The beginning and the end;

The start and the finish;

You are both the door

And the key that opens

That door;

What you decree, no one can


Grant us the wisdom

To know what is right;

To do what is right:

And what will bring glory

To your holy and almighty name,

Now, today, and for ever.

Protect me and my loved ones

This day and forever as you

Have always done;

Protect all your children

Who are living in fear

Of the unknown;

Not sure to see

Even the next hour;

Not to talk of the next day;

There are many who are living

In great fear;

There are many who are worried;

There are many who go hungry,

With no food to eat

In the mist of plenty;

In a world of abundance;

Destroyed by the sheer greed

Of hawks everywhere,

Who want to be the only cocks

To crow;

There are many everywhere

Who live on hills,

Not in homes,

But in the open air;

What the future holds,

They don’t know;

They live at your mercy alone.

Grant O Lord,

That a way may be found for them

To return to their homes

And live in peace for ever after.

Bring justice to the world;

We live in a world where injustice

Is the order of the day;

Where dishonest people

Find their way through

Unscrupulous means,

While honest ones suffer;

Come into our hearts O Lord,

Fill us with the right spirit;

So that we live not as we like,

But in accordance with your word

And your plan for us and the world.

On you alone we count for justice

In the world;

And love and peace;

We are tired of hate burning

The world;

Consuming the world;

Destroying the world;

We humans have failed ourselves;

Only you can we trust.

All our hope is in you.

Save us;

Stand always by us as you have promised,


Please, kindly share this prayer coming to you from SIWO International crusading for a hate- free world, a war- free world, a world where love fills all hearts, an excellent world for all to enjoy. By sharing, reblogging, tweeting, pinning this prayer, you are making an immense contribution to this campaign.

We want to saturate the world with positive messages so that they can strangle or submerge everything that is negative. Let us shout the positive so loudly that no one will be able to hear any negatives which will drown in the ocean of positives.

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My fairytale revisited

If you already know my fairytale, you will hear about it again. You will hear it again and again. It is a tale that we will tell till the end of our days.

Are you among those who wish this world were an excellent place for everybody? If you are then you think like me on this issue. I strongly believe that God meant the world to be an excellent place for everybody, not just for some to enjoy, but for all to enjoy.

I believe that despite that evil has taken over the world, hope must not be lost for the world. I strongly believe that good can replace evil on our globe; that we can turn things around and make the world an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.  True that this is not an easy task; but  it is a possibility. 

My fairytale which many of you already know, is to mobilize one billion people to focus on making the world an excellent place for all to enjoy. One billion people? Yes, you heard right. What a fairytale! If you laugh at us, we will laugh back, but we will stick to our tale.

What is our strategy? To win one person at a time to join our CRUSADE FOR AN EXCELLENT WORLD so that we continuously send out positive vibes; to keep drumming into people’s ears, hearts and minds the idea that the world is meant to be an excellent place for all; to continuously fill people’s minds with positive thoughts, so that they end up hearing only postive ideas, thinking positive ideas and doing positive things.

We will saturate the world with positivity to counter and replace the negativity which many others are inundatig the world with. We will create an ocean of positivity. We will fill the air with love thoughts, hope thoughts, excellence thoughts etc so that people will breathe and live these values.

We are conscious of how deeply rooted evil is in the world; and no doubt it will be an uphill task to eliminate it. We have no illusions about this. What we are doing is setting the ball rolling. How long it rolls is not important as long as it is the right thing to do and it is rolling in the right direction.

We see this approach as the way out for the world – filling the world with positive vibes to sound louder than the negative ones; saturating the world with positive messages.  Getting as many people as possible on board. I invite all of us not to think of how soon we can reap results from this endeavour, but of how sound this thinking is.

Is there an alternative to this as a way of saving the world from perdition in the hands of evil? I don’t know. Perhaps there is. I do not claim to have the best answer or the only answer; but I do feel confident of this approach.  

We will go one person at a time, step by step, brick by brick and one day at a time, and one day our mansion will be built.

If you are in with us, its simple. Just start or keep  writing and sharing positive messages, messages of love, peace, justice, truth, harmony, understanding, kindness, friendship, unity, in short anything that can make someone happy, better, more successful where you are. 

We also think it will be better to jorney together as one body so that we can better withstandnthe bullets ofthe evil peopeofthe world. Sutely, the will aim bullets at us; bullets of discouragement and ridicule which can easily derail or killmur dream. Hence we encourage you to be an author here on this site, SIWO so that we have our messages flowing out like an ocean from one place. Tell me how the rest of the world can fail to feel our impact; and the more we impact the world , the more successful we will be.

 To be an author here, contact us at: ngobesingromanuss@gmail.com. 

We are open to new ideas also. WE ARE ONLY THE STARTER. If you have some ideas about how we can carry this work forward, do not hesitate to let us know. We consider you part of this dream which we are building together. It is our dream, not my dream alone.

If it is my fairytale, it is also our fairytale.

Thanks for reading. Reading is already a big support to this dream.May God touch your heart to be part of it! We need everybody on board. We need all hands on deck.

Your colour does not matter. Where you live does not matter. Your social status does not matter. The language you speak does not matter. Your religion does not matter. Your country does not matter. Your gender does not matter. The only thing that matters is your belief that we need an excellent world for all and that working together to promote that excellence through the spread of positive thoughts is a worthwhile exercise. 

Thus, if you are not yet in, I am extending a hand to you. This is an invitation to you to join. If you are already in, please, share or reblog this post. That will mean a lot and will do much.

Action now!

My love to all.

Crusading for an excellent world

I am crusading for an excellent world;
I am a crusader for an excellent world;
An excellent world is not a far-fetched dream;
But a real possibility;
It is full of challenges, though;
And many, I will encounter;
Many will be discouraging messages;
Some will laugh at my dream
With scorn,
Some will launch rockets at us;
Yet, some will hail it as a great dream;
Whatever the case,
I have been taught never to look back,
When the trophy is right ahead of me;
I will wade through all the storms
And land on safe ground;
I have no illusions that my dream will come,
True in my life time.
It will not;
But also, I have no doubt
That this is the right path
To take no matter how long it
May take.
We can only play
Our little part;
And where we end, others
Will continue.
We plant a kolanut seed;
We will never see it bear fruit;
But we know if it is
God’s will, it will.

This is my fairytale.

Excellent World Crusade day 4

If you believe an excellent world is worthwhile, and that all hands are needed on deck for such a world, join this crusade. Say something, anything to add to the millions of positive ideas that are already filing the air in the world. Your voice is not small.Add your voice to other voices in the crusade for an excellent world.
Examples of things that you can say:
1. Let’s join hands and make the world an excellent place.
2. Working together is good;
3. Let’s build bridges not walls;
4. Let’s give peace a chance;
5. Let’s learn to tolerate others.
6. We are all human beings though we may differ in culture.
7. I love the people of Cameroon;
8. I love Americans;
9. I love Indians;
10. Best wishes to the people of Croatia etc, etc.

Be creative. We want positive thoughts and positive vibrations to fill the atmosphere and drive away negative vibrations.

Excellent World Crusade day 2

Do you love people?
Do like to see love reign in the world?
Do you like to see and end to wars;
Injustice, evil, terrorism?
Join this crusade.
All you need do is go to the comment box
And say something positive;
Something that promotes love, justice, peace, solidarity;
It could be s quote;
A song;
A good wish;
Let us saturate the universe with positive vibrations.
I love you.

Excellent World Crusade day 1

If you are a lover of peace,
If you like to see justice prevail in the world,
If you want an end to wars, violence, terrorism, poverty, hunger and all the things that are destroying the world, you are invited to join this crusade.
This crusade entails that we spread love, understanding, solidarity and other positive values around the world.
It entails fighting for good against evil.
Say or do something however small everyday that brings happiness, that increases love in the world, that brings people together.
There is no limit to what we can do so long as it is out to promote good; to promote love among the people of the world.
We hope by this to saturate the world with positive vibrations which will drive evil out of the world.
Many of us are already doing this – fighting for good, love etc. What we want to do is to fight together as a common front. We want a synergy that will make the evil people of the world know that the good people of the world mean business in their love for good. We want to form a world army for good.
I invite you to join me. Let us start. We’ll perfect our methodology as we progress. Start right away with a positive response to this. Spread the word; share this, tweet, reblog. Do what you can to let this message start to rock the world. Let’s not fear to be ambitious to spread good.
Peace, love and shine to you!

Hello Community!

We are all agreed the world needs more love, aren’t we? If the people of the world love themselves there will be kindness, justice, understanding, tolerance, peace, sharing, solidarity, etc.

I can speak for most of you in this community. You are people whose hearts are full of the milk of human kindness. You are among those who are appalled by the wickedness, the wars, the injustice, hunger, poverty, suffering that goes on around the world.

You like to see a world where the virtues enumerated in this post prevail. You also know as I do that no amount of wishing without action can make even the slightest change. We can wish till the world comes to an end nothing will change; but action, no matter how small it may be, is something.
I want to propose some action. Let us start somewhere.You do not need to go out of your room to the streets to advocate for a better world. We shall not organize or attend conferences.

We shall use this modern communication technology that God has given us and we shall carry out a formidable Crusade – a crusade for love, justice, understanding, building of bridges, pulling down walls, in short, making the world an excellent place for all.

Everyday, we shall come to the Excellent World page and say anything that can light up the world – greet somebody, say words of love, kindness, compliment, say a prayer, just spread good around the world through the net. We’ll keep this going for the next one year and then we’ll make an evaluation.

In advance I wish to thank those who buy this idea and are going along. Are you in? Starting date, Sunday 18 September 2016.

My call to the good people of the world

God meant the world to be an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.
We have made it such an evil place.
We can change this if the good people of the world come together and combine their energies and promote good. Good will overcome evil.
Hence, let us come together in a common forum that breaks all barriers, and put our energies together to make the world an excellent place for all.

See this: https://ngobesingromanus.wordpress.com/