Make us laugh this day!

Make us laugh this day
O Lord;
Make this day a good one;
Change all negatives
To positives;
Give us sunshine
Not rain;
Let us smile
Not frown;
Make us laugh,
Not cry;
Wipe all our tears;
And in their place
Give us laughter;
So that we may laugh
From jaw to jaw
In joyful happiness.
You are in control;
You own everything;
You decide what should
And should not happen.
Decide now in our favour;
On you we depend;
In you is all our hope.

A plea for mercy

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How do you treat people
Who come pleading for
Forgiveness from you?
How do you treat people
Who come to you
Crying desperately
For mercy?
What effect does
The cry for mercy have
On you?
Does it touch your heart?
Or it leaves you untouched:
If it touches your heart,
Then you have a noble heart;
If it slides off your heart
Without touching you,
Then you have a hard heart;
Why not grant mercy
To those who plead for it?
Who knows?
You may be the next person
To plead for mercy.

Answer us O Lord

Answer us O Lord,
Hear all those who
Are crying to you;
We are many who
Are hurting badly this moment;
We are many who
Are going through
Excruciating pain right now;
We are many who
Are being tortured
By others even as we cry to you;
We are many who
Are dying in one way or another;
We are many who
Are being brutally killed;
We are many who
Are lying on sick beds;
Some are lying in hospitals;
Some are lying at home;
We are many who
Are sick but no money
To go to hospital for treatment;
We are many who
Are dying of fear that is eating us up because of the dangers
To which we are exposed;
We are many who
Are hungry
And not even a morsel to eat;
We are many who
Are crying to you, O Lord;
Praying that you may listen
To our cry,
And come to our relief;
We are crying that you may
Protect us from all dangers.
Hear us, O Lord;
Help us in our need;
On you alone we count,
Because you are all powerful;
Nothing can be above you.
Hear us, answer us, help us.

If this is your prayer also,
please, share. Many blessings to those who help others to reach the Lord.

Help us O Lord!

We look onto you O Lord!
On our knees,we pray to you;
When tension is so high;
When the future is so bleak;
When nobody can predict
What lies right ahead,
As it is the case now;
Who else shall we turn to
If not to you who put us
Here on earth;
It is time you intervene,
Almighty God;
We are all tired;
We are worn out;
We are in despair;
We do not know what to do;
Where do we go?
Who do we run to?
You know what we are
Going through;
You know our pain;
You know our sorrow;
You know our hearts’ desires;
You know our frustrations;
You know we are helpless;
Come to us;
Help us;
Rescue is;
On you alone we count.
Do not fail us;
In you alone we pin our hope.
Help us O Lord;
Help us, Almighty God.

The cry of a desperate child

Who will hear my cry?
Who will hear the cry
Of a desperate boy?
I feel for myself;
I cry for myself;
Let me cry out my sorrows;
Let me cry out my lungs;
If I can ever do;
Sorrow fills my heart;
It seems to grow bigger
By the day;
My sorrow tank never runs dry;
Some people grow in luxury;
I grow in sorrow;
I grow bigger in abject poverty;
Some people live on delicacies;
I know not delicacies;
I hardly have a full meal a day;
I cry for myself;
I mourn for my wretched life;
Some people are spoiled
With love from childhood
Through adulthood;
And throughout life;
Some people are swim
In love; and bath in
The warm stream of life;
But nobody to love me;
And nobody for me to love;
Some people enjoy peace
At home and everywhere they go;
Some people are anxiously Waiting;
And living a life free of worries;
My life is beset by worries;
Fears and doubts;
What life has offered me
Leaves me no reason to hope
That tomorrow will be better;
That my misery is just
For today;
See my eyes how swollen
They are from all my crying;
pour on sad tears;
That my inner core may be empty;
That a downpour of tears
And sorrows, we may have
No more.

In tears for love

Why are you doing this to me?
Why are you pushing me to the wall?
Why have you changed your ways
Towards me?
What have I done to get this from you?
You loved me or so you told me;
And I loved you;
Why do you want that love to turn to hate?
Do you want us to hate or love each other?
Where is that loving heart of yours?
I ask these questions because
I can’t believe what I see;
I can’t believe where I see us heading to;
I see us heading at top speed
To the edge of a precipice;
And I see both of us shattered to pieces
At the bottom of the deep valley below.
Couldn’t we avert such shameful disaster?
Can’t our love and our lives be saved?
My heart bleeds;
The ball is on your side of the court.