I can cry

So much love
Fills my heart
For you;
My heart can burst;
That you seem
Not to care,
I can cry;
Will you say something
To comfort me;
Tell me
You love me
As I love you.


Come see a man cry

Have you ever seen a man crying?
Come see me cry;
Come see a stream of tears
Running down my cheeks;
A heavy down pour of rain
Flowing from my eyes;
Who can guess what aches my heart?
My love?
My love has turned her back on me;
And I have no love again:
I tried to call
But she will not pick my call;
I sent her a message;
She will not answer me;
It’s now I realize I pushed her to the wall;
But it seems too late for me;
Had I known,
I would have been a better spouse;
But what am I to do now;
Only my eyes can weep out the sorrow
In my heart.

Good tears for the heart

Have tears ever flown down your cheeks because you heard or read something that deeply touched your heart?

This happens to me all the times. Sometimes people say things to me that make me so overjoyed that tears start pouring from my eyes. I have read two of such things today. I could not hold back the tears.

Do real men cry?

Thanks to all my friends who send me such lovely words that draw tears of joy from my eyes. Such tears are good for the heart.

A world of tears

You have to be strong
In this world of tears;
When you come into the world,
The first thing you do is cry;
Throughout your life on earth,
You cannot help but from time to time,
To cry;
And when you are leaving the world,
The last thing you do,
In the silence of your heart
Is cry.
Thus, crying is part and parcel
Of life;
We start with a tear,
And end with a tear.
Ours is a world of tears;
We must be strong,
To wade through this world of tears.

Men who cry

“Tears shed for self are tears of weakness, but tears shed for others are a sign of strength.” (Billy Graham)

DSCN0479Once, I saw a man in real tears. He was crying so loudly I got shaken. I did not know why he was crying; but seeing him so huge, looking responsible, well-dressed and crying like a baby, was too much for me. My own tears began to roll down like a spring on a hillside.
Can you imagine your dad or someone his age crying?
You will feel terrible wouldn’t you? But men do cry. The only thing is a lot of them cry in hiding so that nobody sees them.
Crying by men in most cultures is considered a sign of weakness.DSCN0485 Hence, when they are deeply moved, they find a way to step aside where no one will see them and there they cry out their sorrow.
There is simply no reason for this. Crying is human. God did not create tears for women and children alone but for men also. We say ‘real men do cry’; and cry well.
I cry often. In fact, I have cried many times; not because of a tragic happening, but because of over-joy. Excellence usually sends tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. An example is when my kids make an outstanding public performance or excel in any way.

During the celebration of National Day and Youth Day in my country some schools march so beautifully that I just cannot hold back my tears. The beauty of it touches and warms my heart and tears begin to roll.
I also cry when my heart is heavy with sorrow. Once, a younger brother of mine was terminally ill. When I visited him I could not control my tears. At one point, I went outside; went behind the house and cried bitterly.
It used to get worried about my tears flowing rather easily. Many times, I would try hard, in vain, to hold them back.

tears of a man Thanks to one of my teachers, I no longer do; I let them flow. It happened while I was in The Hague for a short course on human rights and justice. We came from different countries of the world.
Within two months, we had become a real family of friends. Then, the day to part came. We had to say goodbye to one another. It was a moving session of sharing together for the last time. When my turn came to share, like many others before me, I burst into tears


DSC_0000159-001Before long, a female staff was standing by me, tapping me softly and lovingly on the back.  She congratulated me on letting the tears flow instead of suppressing them; and added: “Always let those tears flow when they come. They will take you far.”

I have treasured those words ever since. Whenever tears come hitting my eyes during touching moments, I let them flow.
I now understand that it takes courage and honesty for a man to burst into tears in the presence of others. Men who cry are not weak. They are strong. They are human. They are full of love in their hearts.

“Tears come from the heart and not from the brain”                                                                    (Leonardo da Vinci).

What do you think? Should men cry? Are crying men cry babies?