You alone can save me

In difficulty, O Lord,
I find myself,
Danger lurks around me;
I urgently need help;
Come rescue me
From the devilish hands
of evil men;
Who, by jealousy,
Completely devoured
Want to pull me down.
You alone can save me;
Make them know
A living God I serve;
That you are
That living God;
Come put your hand on me,
That saving hand
That has power
To rescue men
From a lion’s mouth.
On you alone I count.
If you don’t,
No one else will.
You alone can do it.
You alone can save me.
You alone are my God.

That is what I will do (Be inspired today 356 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I feel like crying;
My efforts have gone
In vain;
I have not made it;
It’s so painful;
I put in so much effort;
But come out empty;
Who will not feel
Like me?
It really pains;
I am trying to be strong;
But it’s not easy.
Bear with me,
If my tears come pouring.
However, that’s not the end
Of the story.
I am gathering monentum;
To bounce back.
I am undefeatable;
Losing is just challenging me
To step back
And take a long, winning leap;
That is what I will do.

Should men cry when mourning?

I once visited the topic:
Should men cry
When in sorrow?
I am revisiting it;
Because the question
Continues to boggle my mind;
I still do not know
Whether real men do cry;
Is it manly to shed tears?
What do you say to those
Who say tears are for women?
This brings me to
Another issue;
Should men sing and dance
In Church
To praise God?
A lot of times in Church
You find women singing
And dancing;
But the men are standing
Like pillars;
Many men say singing
And dancing in Church
Is for women.
What do you say?

You must be blind, true.

I think you are blind;
I truly think you are blind;
You look but you don’t see;
You ask me why I am crying?
I cannot believe it;
Is it you asking me why
I am crying?
Yes, I am crying;
If you see well,
I am crying and badly crying;
I am emptying my eyes
Of its content;
All the liquid in my eyes
Is flowing out like a river;
And this will be so
For a long time;
And until my tank of tears
Is empty;
I have good reason to cry;
Why would I not cry,
When you’ve so pierced
My heart
With a weapon so deadly
As a dagger?
The tears in my heart
Cannot fail to ooze out;
What you see
Is but a little sign
Of what is going on
In me;
My heart is bleeding
Tears of love for you.
So badly I want you;
I can’t imagine myself
Living without you.
You are all I need
In this world;
You are the sole cause
Of the fire raging
Violently in me;
If God refuses me air
To breathe,
But gives me you,
He has given me everything;
You are my air;
My coffee;
Honey in my coffee;
And if I am crying
It is because
You are so indifferent;
So lukewarm about me;
It’s hard to understand
And to imagine
That I am not your number one;
Do you see?
Or you are blind?
I think you are blind;
I think you don’t see;
That is why you don’t know
What is happening with me;
Yes, I think you are blind;
You are blind.
I think you are blind.
You don’t see;
That is the consolation I have;
You don’t see.
I think you don’t see.

The rain is over

The rain is over;
There is sunshine;
The weather is bright;
No more tears;
No more crying;
But laughter all the way;
Darkness is gone;
And brightness is here;
Light has come.
Let’s go out,
Into the yard
And play!
This bright weather
Is a gift from God.
But won’t be there forever;
Let’s enjoy it now.
Sing a song of joy;
Shout out loud!
Blow the trumpet;
Let all the world come
Celebrate with us.

It is too much

Brothers and sisters
Of the world!
What are we doing
About the evil
Ravaging the world?
Devouring the world;
Storming the world daily;
What are we doing?
Why are we quarreling?
Have we forgotten
The ten commandments?
Thou shall not kill?
Where is love gone?
Many are suffering;
Tears are flowing like
Water in an ocean.
Let us do something.
Let us stop this evil;
It is too much.

Why are you crying?

Why are you crying?
Why are you looking so sad?
You’ve bowed your head
And I think you are crying;
Why are you crying?
Your heart seems thorn apart;
Are you alright?
Speak that I may know
Why your heart is heavy
With sorrow;
I want to help if I can;
You tear my heart to pieces
When you bow your head
And tears pour from your eyes;
I hate to know someone
Has hurt you.
Stop crying, sweetheart;
Wipe your tears;
Do not cry anymore;
I will do all I can
To make you happy.
I am here for you.
Stop crying and wipe your tears.

Blood on her conscience.

                     I’ve been standing here for an hour. I can feel my hands trembling and my knees shaking. My dress is clinging to my body and my heart, I can feel it in my throat. I don’t think anybody has noticed the tiny drops on my dress. It’s too dark in here and nobody is looking at me anymore. It’s funny how one brick in an alleyway can change your life. I feel a bit light-headed now, I think I should go to the ladies room.

                     The music isn’t so loud in here. I hate going to discos, I shouldn’t have come. Why did Amber bring me here? She always wanted to meet men and sleep with them. Disgusting, I’d rather stay at home. My make-up is so smudged, I shouldn’t have cried so much. How did she always manage to provoke me? It’s not my fault that she was a slut. I should curl my hair when I go out next time, I saw a woman here with curly hair and she looked beautiful. Amber would have loved to curl my hair, too bad she’s dead. She should have known to keep her mouth shut. These stains will take forever to get out. I better leave now, it’s almost 8p.m and I need to find a bus stop so that I can go home.

                       Back again in this loud crazy hell hole. Look at these depraved people. Wait! Who’s that? No, I’m just hallucinating. It can’t be her. I better get out of here soon, it’s beginning to get crowded. There she is again! Amber? How can that be? I thought I killed her….

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