Covenant of Faith

God set forth an impossible undertaking when He challenged my capabilities to be the best at something I never imagined possible. But then it occurred to me – how many others seem to be on a quest for Jesus? They do not realize the disillusionment of the deserts.

I often wonder how some people got started in life. What made them so great in their lifetime? For example, Nicodemus in the Book of John became a legend in the Jewish community as a ruler and teacher of Israel. Then there was an Indian lawyer called Ghandi, and a lady named Mother Teresa. Closer to home was a little boy called Billy, who took his Bible to school every day. He was such an avid reader, and he never gave up his desire to serve the Lord.

But many others are true to their heart, and they never waver from God’s ministry. In my personal life, it’s a profound feeling of a great success to serve the Almighty. It comes with abounding rewards and grace. Now I should ask, where is the Holy Spirit in your life?

It could be too easy to stop my ministry of writing. I’d load the kayaks in the back of my pickup truck and head to the lake. Not a bad idea, but God puts His trust in me to bring others to His kingdom. My reward for faithfulness? I am so blessed in every waking moment. I’m sure my words may confuse you, but my closest friends and family know my priority is to serve the Father.

Too many believers “toe the line” in their commitment to serve our Lord. They pray for answers but give up when there’s no immediate response. Sometimes we look for answers within this world only to discover God is already working on our healing.

If you want to see faith at work, then don’t look at a three-piece suit parading up on a stage, shaking a Bible at our Almighty. That’s blasphemy – no! Let’s examine the heartbreaking scenes of the Bahamas. A mother stood in a bathroom with her three children praying to God for help in the disastrous times of Dorian. Do you think God didn’t hear her heart? (See the video below) Prayer is the only ammunition to combat evil.

With the mighty force of just one young mother, who guarded her three children in a bathroom, she brought together the strength of nations, ready to oblige her mission. What a world we could live in if we understood the destitution of our mental thoughts! Hopefully, many received the message for it was a great example of God working through His people.

God challenges us to be successful in His glory if we stay in prayer and never give up hope. Do not render your patience. As we kayak in God’s calm waters, do not evade the fact the calm waters are His too. He wants everyone to be successful and filled with hope. We shall armor ourselves in the covenant of faith for God ordained it to be ours.

God bless you, my friends, and all the survivors of Hurricane Dorian.


The Gates of Heaven

The atrocious mass murderers in El Paso Texas, Dayton Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois who attacked our beloved people wreaks havoc with my soul. I read the reports, listened to the news, and I’m fed up! I’m taking a seat on my front porch with God. Those godless acts of murder are an evil state of mind. I ask the Lord’s forgiveness for this angry rant. Maybe I can find some harmony in the peace outside with a visiting hummingbird who comes to sip his sugar water.

The Lord allows my thoughts to wander and explore into the heads of criminals and atheists. Ruthless minds of heartless humans happens when you remove God from your life. Who were they to judge who dies? Who were they to stew in their own self-righteousness? So, a deity is craziness to them, but mass murder is an acceptable way?

You can’t believe in God when you have no faith, and it is sinful to say, “I believe, but just not in your Creator.” I must ask, where did your ability to believe come from then? I know the answer – something incubated you during an explosion! I ask you to go make an eyeball or a human being if you’re so creative and don’t need a god.

These non-religious pagans who do not believe in Christ or God’s house called a church, live mentally in the gutters with the rodents who don’t know any better. Rats, after all, can afford to live without a conscience, just like their protégé Satan.

Do atheists and criminals think God listens as they curse His name? Would they listen if someone took their name in vain? No, I know, those with no conscious will say it doesn’t matter. These people lack integrity and could not care about innocent people. Satan rules every aspect of their life. How sad to live such a life with little meaning, purpose, and lack of respect for others!

“The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.” Proverbs 11:3

I think these criminals should take the place of those in a massacre and watch a loved one take their last breath. For sure, those of no remorse for their sins will find the doors closed when the trumpets sound. There is no invitation to the gates of heaven for an insane man with no mercy and stupidity in their soul. God won’t forgive those who allow Satan to rule their life.

“You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘You shall not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ Matthew 5:21

We live in the hardest of times, and Satan is about to lose his empire. He lurks in every corner. We should never blame God for the decisions people make in their own in life. He created man and woman with the power to decide right from wrong. They chose to eat the forbidden apple; thus we are born into sin. It is not God who allows a man to sin – it is man’s personal choice.

As for me, I’d rather mentally be where I know God waits for me than the negative forces. Holiness drives me, for without it I’ll stay buried with the rest of the dead sinners. Yes, Christians, rise and witness more merciless killings where no God exists, and Satan is chuckling in the corner. It is just incredibly sad and pathetic!

A message to the criminals and atheists: if you think holding an AK rifle to an innocent person’s body is acceptable behavior, then do God a favor and stay on the couch so He can pass you over at the end. I can only pray you sincerely seek forgiveness and change your ways for the good. No cross will you bear on the wings of an Angel. Our Father in heaven will only bless the many innocent victims who entered the gates of heaven last weekend. But you… never!

God bless these precious families who have been affected by Satan’s actions. We will pray for you to have a peace of mind. Trust in God for hope and take solace in His loving arms!

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