Brave to love

Are you brave enough
To declare your love
For me?
Maybe you lack the courage
To say you love me;
Does it take a brave heart
To declare one’s love
For another?
Where love is true
One is brave
To say one loves;
Find someone you love,
And you will be brave
To declare your love;
If you love me,
You will find it easy
To say so.


Smooth but dangerous

If I start to talk about
What I think about a smooth surface,
Any smooth surface,
I may never end;
So much I have to say;
Say not that a thing is good
Simply because
Its surface is smooth;
The smooth surface of your skin
Does not necessarily mean you have
A healthy body;
Just as a road with a smooth surface
Does not mean a safe road;
It may be smooth but slippery and dangerous;
Let the surface not deceive you;
Judging anything from its surface
Is like judging someone from their appearance;
Appearances often deceive;
Look beyond the surface;
To get a real taste of the soup.

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A profound reflection

A profound reflection
From you I want;
Make a profound reflection
For me
On the matter at hand;
IF I have profound respect for you;
It is because I find your thought
very profound;
Not superficial;
Indeed, not only profound,
But also sound;
We need people of sound, profound thought
To take the world forward
On the right direction;
I advise you to give profound thought
To whatever you do,
So that the decisions you take
May be sound.

Daily Prompt
Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt

Our Island of peace

If the world continues to be so cruel,
And sweet, loving people cannot find peace;
We’ll pray for an island for ourselves;
That God in his kindness, may create us one;
Where all lovers of peace and love may dwell;
And there live the rest of their lives;
Can such an Island be possible?
There we’ll be sure of sweet, sound sleep;
And know nor violence nor cruelty, nor fear.

Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.