Enlighten me!

Enlighten me
On the current issues
Of the world;
I am lost;
And frightened too;
What’s ahead?
Who knows?
And how will things end?
Will they be better or worse?
See what’s going on;
See how people are suffering;
See how people are dying;
If you know where we are
Heading to,
Enlighten me;
That I may not be left
In darkness.
I need someone
To enlighten me.



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Fantasy and Reality 

Rise and shine at six

No more problems to fix.

Favorite song in the air

Dance and do the hair.

Lipsticks and nail polish organised

Shades and everything customised.

A fancy car at my service

Is that jealousy? “Oh, please!”

Not just the ‘blue skies’, I want

Double rainbows and unicorns, to flaunt.

Fantasy just a little is good

Until it becomes greed’s food.

Life is amazing and beautiful

Often humans tend to forget

Money is for survival, to exist

But love is for living life to the fullest!

(In response to the daily prompt : Organize, this poem was originally posted in Yuvi’s Buzz.) 

Image Source : Pixabay 

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The New Me

Failures and losses, I was all alone

Stuck in a corner, with a broken bone.

Darkness is a leech, sucking the lights

Dimming and dulling, every beam of bright.

Love and hope are birds, they flew away

Survive, they won’t in dark, can’t blame the way.

I look in the mirror, I see a shadow

Lost so deep, in the giant cloud of dark.

You knocked the door, you screamed my name

As a stubborn rock, you sat at the door.

Your voice guided the way, to the light

But lost cause I am, just didn’t move.

You broke the door, you pulled me out

In came with you the flew away birds.

Your light was glaring, burned the darkness to dust

I healed by the minute, like from a sickness.

Now I look in the mirror, I see something new

I see myself smiling, bright and shining.

(In response to the daily prompt : Glaring, this poem is originally posted on Yuvi’s Buzz.) 

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Tug Of War

The pain in betrayal

The hurt in heart break

Forgive and forget

Said, the Angel in me.

Revenge is sweet

An ecstasy, so glorious

Never forget nor forgive

Said, the Devil in me.

It is a tug of war, so big

Between the Angel and Devil

Friends they aren’t, I imagined

But conspired in the shadows, they did

Partnered in the black night, they did

And shattered me into million pieces.

(In response to the daily prompt : Partner, this poem is originally posted on Yuvi’s Buzz.)

Image Source : Pixabay

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Oh My Carousel!

Humans of size small

Devoid of worldly worries

Round and round they go

On horses and ponies.

From a distance, I wonder

What life must be like

When Apple and Blackberry

Are just fruits in the platter.

Smile so serene, heart so pure

Go back in time, to live more

Age is just a number, they say

A sad solace at the end of the day.

Love for the carousel never dies

My feet frozen, time flies.

I walk away then, bright and sane

With a sweet trip down the memory lane.

(In response to the daily prompt : Carousel, this poem is originally posted on Yuvi’s Buzz.) 

Image Source : Pixabay 

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The Clueless Heart Of Mine 

The riverside amble in the late of night

The beaten track is an evidence of might

The laughter, the looks and dreams of day

Blew out the candle, wished out of the way

Moments were colorful, painted with love

Or is it a delusion, hallucination and imagination’s show?

Now the blame, the joke and everything is on me

I weep in the dark where there is nothing to see.

May be your kiss was lost in the oblivion.

It wasn’t love, you said. So casually cruel!

I waited as days turned to eons

My love and hope, as stubborn as rocks.

They said love will make you fly, I believed

But why am I stuck in the fiery abyss, not relieved?

(In response to the daily prompt : Amble, this poem is originally posted on Yuvi’s Buzz.)

Image Source: Pixabay 

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A Pirate’s Life For Me

Waters deep and blue

Shimmer and glisten

Scatter the sun rays

Like a million mirrors.

I float, I imagine

In a sea of stars

Until a ripple

Disturbs so gentle.

Days and nights

Seas calm or roaring

I’m at the sail

Devoid of land.

Aim for the horizon

Living all the way

In peace and calm

Like no other day.

Plunder and pillage

The beauty of the seas

No one to question, it’s a

Pirate’s life for me.

(This poem is originally posted on Yuvi’s Buzz.)

Image Source : Pixabay 


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