Your ideas’ book

Highly successful people value ideas. They never allow their ideas to vanish in thin air. They know that ideas are the building-blocks of success. What they do is whenever an idea pops up in their minds, they commit it to paper. This way, even if they forget it, they will easily go to where they wrote it.

Often we think we will remember the ideas that come to us during the day. In a majority of cases, we do not. We forget them.

It is advisable that you copy the example of highly successful people and always have a note-book and pen handy. When an idea comes to your mind, you write it down. Call this note-book your ideas’ book if you like. If you adopt this practice, it will enhance your chances of success.


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A short-lived sigh of relief

Pussy had become a burden to me. Her presence upset me. I did not know how to get rid of her.

You will be surprised to learn that we were once inseparable. She was the apple of my eye. I called her fondly ‘my oxygen’. Indeed, she was. I virtually breathed her; and thought I could not survive without her.

How my love for her vanished is inexplicable. I just found myself in love with another woman, Lena who was not half as beautiful as Pussy but I never wanted to see Pussy again. I was so much in love with Rena that I felt if we did not get married I could die. But how was this going to happen with me still married to Pussy?

I was worried and tense. Great, however, was my relieve when I got home one afternoon to find a letter from Pussy telling me she was leaving me; that she could not bear me any longer; that she was flying off with another man with whom she had been deeply in love for the last five years.

“She had been cheating on me for so long,” I screamed; felt angry and jealous but relieved. I was free to marry Lena.

My head almost blew off when I got a note from Lena telling me her wedding with the love of her life was scheduled the next week; and I would never see her again as they had scheduled a trip to Algeria the day after their wedding; and would live and work there the rest of their lives.


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You have created

If you are a blogger, you have created. We bloggers are creators, aren’t we? You have created a blog. It did not exist. You brought it to life. It is the product of your imagination, decision and courage.

How long will this creation of yours last? How far will it go? What will be its impact?

It’s all left to you. Some blogs that were created on the same day like yours have long died. Many will still disappear from the blogosphere. Yet, some will go on to make it big. What of yours? Has it died? Will you let it die? Will it go on to be an outstanding success? All is left to you. You can make it whatever you really want.


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Create your own thing!

The Almighty God is the Champion Creator;
He creates with ease and speed;
He never stops creating;
Since he first created the world
He continues to create;
We each have talents to create;
Before I got the day’s prompt,
I had talked about create;
Create an impact wherever you go;
Create an impact with your life;
Use your talent to create and create;
Use your talent to create your own thing.


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Are you a true Christ follower?

Some people follow Christ but will bend their heads and fold their tales when Christ is being torn apart.

Some people follow Christ and will defend him with the last bit of their energy anywhere, anytime.

Some people follow Christ but take only the middle -f the road position no matter what is going on.

Some people follow Christ but do the direct opposite of what he taught while here on earth. And hence are among the architects of the evil that triumphs in the world.

Where do you belong?
Look at the discussion raging on

here. What is your take?


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Justice will take its course

Many people, the world over, are expecting some spectacular revelations to be made in the months ahead on the 2016 US presidential elections. Many believe that the investigation going on cannot end without some striking revelations. What do you think?

It is also generally believed that when the truth shall be revealed things will no longer be the same again. Whether such an expectation will be met or those concerned shall be disappointed is hard to say. These are surely uncertain times.

The truth is the truth shall be known. The truth will emerge; and the truth shall prevail. Justice will take its course.

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Tender, loving woman

There’s a tender, loving woman;
Who has a tender, loving heart;
Starting at a very tender age,
The tender side of her
Began to show its tender, lovely face;
She speaks with a tender voice;
And gives tender, loving care
To all who need her tender, loving touch.

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