All three volumes

We are going to study all three
Of the learned professor’s
Works this year;
Volume one;
Volume two and
Volume three.
I have already bought
Volume one;
I am still to buy
Volume two and
Volume three;
I cannot afford the money
At once;
Hence, I have drawn a plan;
When we are half way through
Volume one,
I will buy
Volume two;
When we get to the middle of
Volume two,
I will buy
Volume three.
This way it shall not be
Too hard for me.

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Coping with mopes

I want to know how to cope
With mopes;
What do you do if you have
Children who mope a lot?
What do you do if you have
A spouse who mopes so much?
And what do you do if you have
Parents who mope all day?
I don’t like someone who mopes;
But it is hard to avoid such people;
Hence, I want to learn
How to cope with mopes.

Daily prompt: Mope

I subdued my anger

If I had not fought hard, I would not have subdued the anger that had built up in me against him. It was about to run out of control. Truly, he had greatly hurt me, and I found it difficult to forgive him. Happily, after listening to the sermon, I subdued it and forgave him. He was happy and thanked me. Today we are great friends again.

Bright candle light

Be a bright candle light;
Light your candle;
And let it
Wherever you go,
And light other
Which will light
Other candles,
Which will light
Other candles;
Which will light
Other candles;
Until that one candle
Has lit millions
Of candles.


Daily prompts : candle.

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What is flattery?

When your sweet words
Don’t mean what you say,
That’s flattery;
When you say sweet things
But mean the opposite
Of those sweet things,
That’s flattery;
When you want to please me
To win my favor,
Then you say things
Which you know are not true,
That is flattery;
Desist from flattery;
But be profuse in giving
Merited praises.

Daily prompts: Flattery

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Where love overflows

I have found a place
Where there is an abundance of love;
Where love overflows gracefully like a spring;
If you are searching for love,
Don’t search anymore;
Come to this place and have your fill;
You will find love that never grows old;
You will find love that is never jealous;
You will find love that brings no pain;
If that sweet heart does not know how to love you,
There are people who know how to love you;
You will not see them or meet them or ever
Touch them physically,
But they will fill your heart with love;
That is the world I know;
Success Inspirers’ World;
That is the world in which I live;
That is the world in which I swim in love;
I feel so loved;
And I love them all with a passion;
And yet our love is risk free.
I haven’t found anything so sweet;
Come and have a taste and let me know;
Sweet, graceful love, indeed!

Daily prompts: graceful