My people are quick to protest when the Government does what they do not like. This is what is happening at this very moment.

People are protesting against a decision by the stalwarts of the ruling party to march in the city to demonstrate their support for the government. The people have sworn such a support march can only be over their dead bodies.

The Government is responding to the protest with an iron hand. It is not sure what the next few hours will bring to our city. Already, some casualties have been recorded and more are expected.
We just hope God will take control.

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Let’s share a sandwich

Do you really want to have
A sandwich
For breakfast?
I want to have
A sandwich
For breakfast;
And if you want to have
A sandwich
For breakfast,
Then we can share
A sandwich
For breakfast;
The question is who crosses over?
Do you come over or I come over?
Let me come over so we share
A sandwich
For breakfas

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Daily prompt: Sandwich

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Age fifty

When I was a little boy,
I thought fifty was many years;
I wondered if I would ever clog fifty;
Anyone who was fifty looked to me too old;
And I would tell myself if they died,
No one would miss them
As they had lived long enough;
Hardly did I know,
I would soon be right there;
It’s more than ten years since
I arrived;
Crossing the half-century line;
Today I look back at fifty,
And what I see is people who’ve
Just begun to live;
Can you guess how I feel myself?
That the moment is just ripe for me
To get the best out of life;
And also of course,
To offer the best I can;
And that is what I am doing;
I put in everything everyday,
To offer my best to the world;
That is my best way to get
The best from the world;
As I wait for the bells
Of heaven to toll for me;
When he that sent me here on mission
Wants me back home.

Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt