Today’s daily prayer for your victory 56

Mighty and merciful God,
Ever powerful, living
And loving Father,
Thank you for this day,
Bright and shiny in some parts,
Dark and gloomy in others;
Thank you for the gift of prayer
Through which we are able to connect with you;
I pray for all my brothers and sisters all over the world,
Regardless of race, colour, language, geographical location or social status,
who will read this prayer;
That you bless their day,
O Father;
Fill it with happiness;
I pray that you should never depart from them;
That you accompany them wherever they go today;
Fill them with strength and courage to face the challenges of this day;
Make them strong in their faith in you;
Increase their love for you;
Turn their enemies into friends and supporters;
And the obstacles on their way into steppingstones to the things they want from life;
May those who set out to stand on their way end up opening the door for them;
And may they be warmly welcomed wherever they go;
Inspire them to know what to do today to make it their most successful day so far;
Make all who will read this leaders in their fields, or in their communities;
Make them role models who will inspire others to bring out the best in themselves.
Instill in them courage, self confidence and boldness as they interact with others today.
Generate in them a strong love for prayer,
And always answer their prayers;
Give them victory in all their battles;
We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord, Amen!

Today’s daily prayer 55 for you

Almighty Father, and ever living God;
Before you, we, your children stand,
Inviting you into our lives;
And praying you to drive out every fear;
Every worry and every doubt from our hearts,
Grant us the wisdom
To give our lives
To you not partially,
But in their entirety,
Leaving nothing behind;
Come into us;
Accept each of us this day,
And heal us of all our illnesses;
Accept us as your children;
Strengthen us;
Fill us with your spirit;
Accompany us throughout this day;
Help us to follow your ways;
And free us from boastfulness;
And wrong thinking,
Which keeps us away from you;
Accompany us, O God, wherever we go;
Make us feel your presence.
Change our sorrows to joys;
And our Disappointments
To opportunities;
We can do nothing without you;
Meanwhile, with you,
We can do everything.
A million thanks to you
For your so many blessings;
We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord,

Today’s daily Prayer 54 for you

Ever mighty and powerful God,
King of heaven and earth;
King of the entire universe,
King of all things past and present;
Thank you for your wonderful love!
In your Word, you have assured us
That you will always
Be there for us, your poor servants;
You have also said
If we come to you with faith,
You will listen to us,
And grant our prayer,
We come to you with faith, Almighty God,
Pleading that you listen
To our cry;
And grant our prayer;
Ever living God, you are our hope;
Make us stronger
In our belief in you;
Help us in every way
That you can;
At this moment,
Many of us are feeling desperate
Not knowing what awaits us;
We are driven by fear;
Many of us are facing serious financial difficulties;
Some of us are having serious ill health;
We present all these problems
To you, loving God, knowing
You have never failed to answer our prayers.
With full trust in your loving kindness;
We pray you to graciously hear us!
Listen our cries;
May no evil befall any.of us this day!
May each of us experience a downpour of your blessings today,
And everyday of our lives;
May those of us who are facing financial problems
Find a way out today;
And may all the glory go to you;
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!

I have faith in God

The strongest force in the world;
I have faith in God;
That He will always stand by me;
What can I be without Him?
Thank you, Lord;
You promised to stand by me;
To protect me;
To defend me;
To provide for me;
I have faith in you.

Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.