Such would be dangerous

I know a man
Who has
A Master of Science degree
In gossiping;
Do you know a man
Who has
A PhD in lies-telling;
That would be an expert
In the art.
Beware of anyone
Who is so highly qualified
Be it in gossiping
Or in lies-telling;
Such would be dangerous.
And capable of anything.


Your 13 most dangerous enemies

Do you know your 13 most dangerous enemies?

I call them your 13 most dangerous enemies because they can prevent you from enjoying success.

Some of them are waiting to destroy you; and they can do so with ease.

You need to know them and be very careful. If you don’t protect yourself from them, they will destroy you or stop you from succeeding. They are:

  1. Fear.
  2. Worry.
  3. Doubt.
  4. Procrastination.
  5. Temptation.
  6. Money.
  7. Women.
  8. Alcohol.
  9. Laziness.
  10. Gossiping.
  11. Greed.
  12. Power.
  13. Vaulting ambition.

These enemies have destroyed so many people in this world. They will destroy more.

Watch out! They are hungry to destroy you. Don’t give them a chance to do so!

The problem with snakes

I don’t like snakes;
Do you like them?
I come from a village where
There are many snakes;
As a typical village boy,
I am supposed to know snakes,
Considering that there are many in my village;
But I fear them;
If I see a snake
And find a way to kill it;
I will not spare it;
If I have a saw to cut it,
I surely, will do so;
Count yourself blessed
If you don’t have snakes
Where you live;
They are a dangerous specie;
Some people see them
As a curse;
That’s how I see them;
But at times I see them
As a blessing;
And talking about that,
What do you do with your blessings?
The more you share them,
The more you are blessed.
That said,
Let’s get back to snakes.
They are a dangerous specie.
If you don’t take time
With them,
You will pay a high price;
Take your time.
That is the problem with snakes.

Dangerous times

Dangerous times are here;
A real precarious era, indeed;
So much being at stake;
No one sure what comes next;
Security at its lowest ebb;
Anything can happen here;
Risky stepping out at night;
Many bad boys all around,
Posing threats of all kinds.
Lying in wait for victims
To devour;
Hard to know if one will survive;
‘Tis God alone who can read,
What writing is on the wall;
To say what the future hides;
Unscrupulous people around;
Wanting to reap where
They did not sow.
What a shame we have all this,
Happening here in the world!
That some make things for others So hard!
The people of God in stress;
What a sad situation, it is!

Beware of fake news!

You must shun Fake news;
Beware of fake news!
Fake news doesn’t build,
Fake news destroys;
You never win by telling lies;
Stop trying to find your way
Through fake news;
With fake news, you lose;
You may appear to win
Through manipulation,
Which is fake news;
But in reality you lose;
A plane conveying fake news,
Is sure to crash-land;
Beware of fake news!
It is as dangerous as
A hungry lion.
Stop spreading fake news;
Let’s stop this culture
Of fake news we are building;
With fake news all over
The place,
We build on a sandy foundation;
Fake news is sand;
And edifice build on
Fake news will crumble
Some day.
Block the way to fake news
In our land.

Vaulting ambition (Quote)

photo of man wearing green combat uniform holding rifle

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“I will not stop expressing a cautioning note about vaulting ambition. I say ambition is good and necessary, but needs to be watched and controlled. Don’t let your ambition overflow its banks. For then, it becomes vaulting ambition which is very dangerous. Vaulting ambition has caused so much destruction in the world. Adolf Hitler towers above the world’s leaders as someone who got to the apex of vaulting ambition. The sad result was he caused untold destruction of humanity. And in fact, he did not only destroy others, he destroyed himself as well. That is what happens with vaulting ambition. You destroy not only others in the course of pursuing your goal but also yourself.” Romilia Quotes