I fully agree

Inspirational leader wrote an inspiring post, Dare to dream? It’s such a nice post

As soon as I saw the title, the word big came to my mind.

I don’t know why I am so much in love with dreaming big. Who believes in dreaming big as I do?

I always ask: “why should we sit by and allow others to do the big dreaming alone?”

I agree with you, Mandy. We should dare to dream; but let me add “and dream big,’ It doesn’t hurt. Actually, that is what we should do.

Dare to dream and dream big.


I Still Dare to….

When Life is losing meaning
And ambiguity is surrounding,
Even though I hate my way
Which aimlessly has no say
I still dare to love myself!

When the people around me turn heartless
And part ways in abruptness,
Even though I want to howl in virulence
I still dare to learn acceptance!

When I know the world is going down with sin
And I am becoming deaf in this din,
Even though I want to run away
I still dare to face and firmly stay!

When love is no more than lust
And I know it is the flyaway unsettled dust,
Even though my hormones turn illicit
I still dare to draw my limit!

When the relations are a transaction
And all sharing comes with an equation,
Even though I want to pay back proportionally
I still dare to give unconditionally!

When the air around is perfunctory
And the current is the artificial accessory,
Even though I want to turn selfish
I still dare to be helpfully beamish!

When no differences prolong
Between the right and the wrong,
Even though I want to forget the right
I still dare to hold my values tight!

When my courage debilitate
And people curse my bad fate,
Even though I want to drown
I still dare to dream wearing the crown!

When my world is breaking down
And I see the plant uprooted from the seeds I had sown
Even though I don’t have the spirit to cope
I still dare to blindly hope!

When I see no guiding light
And I no longer will to fight,
Even though my faith depletes while I plod
I still dare to believe in God!

When all colours seem alike
And I blame my disillusioned psych,
Even though I see no beauty
I still dare to become nifty!

When the world is wearing drapes of pretence
And I can very easily sense,
Even though I want to uncover the masks boldly
I still dare to ignore silently!

Sometimes I really wonder
Why cannot I choose to sunder,
All that is deceptively vice
But then how will I grow wise?
Even if all goodness is a sham
I will still dare to be what I am!


Let me advise you

Do you permit me to advise you?
Don’t get upset;
Even children advise their parents.
I want to advise you.
I want to dare to advise you;
And this is my advise:
Don’t play it safe!
Dare it! Did you get me?
Plunge in! Don’t tiptoe!
If I see you on tiptoes,
I will spank sense into you;
Take a new road to you unknown;
And see where it takes you;
Be courageous;
Don’t be faint of heart.
Be strong;
That’s my advice to you;
Don’t play safe.