What do I see?

What is it that I see?
That is not what
I expected to see;
I see darkness,
When I expected stars
In the sky,
To beam us
Their bright light.
Let me see light,
Not darkness everywhere;
Light up the world;
We have need for light.
If shining be your duty
Do it;
Give us light.
The brightest light ever.


Be light

If you are not light,
What are you?
That is not what
You were created for;
God meant you
To be light;
To shine;
And brighten the world;
You cannot bring darkness;
You are not darkness;
Neither are you rain;
Hence, bring not rain;
You are not winter;
Bring not harsh weather;
Harsh weather is for
The harsh season
Of the year;
We call it winter;
When it snows,
And is cold;
Bring good weather instead;
And make people happy;
Bring light.
Let your light shine.

Useful waiting (Be inspired today 375 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Darkness again;
Darkness comes again;
Yes, we are again
In darkness;
Silence everywhere;
No light, no energy;
But as we weight,
Do you remember
What you should do
When you are waiting?
Don’t forget
Useful waiting;
And wasteful waiting;
No details;
But if you have ears,
I will use the darkness
To wait usefully.
That is what I call
Useful waiting.

Light (Be inspired today 322 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

What a pity
When light is gone!
Where there is no light,
There is darkness;
And no one wants to be
In darkness?
We all like light;
We all need light;
No one sees in darkness,
We see in light;
some good things happen
In darkness,
But many bad things happen
In darkness;
Some bad things happen
In light;
But many good things happen
In light;
You make a bad choice
If you choose darkness
Over light;
You make a great choice
If you prefer light
To darkness.
In the world in which we live,
You are called to be light,
To light the way for others.
Is that what you are?

Joy is here

Night can be seen
On her heels
Running so fast;
Like clouds
In the sky,
As if by Light
She is chased;
Darkness soon,
Will be gone,
And supreme
Will reign Light;
The suffering
And death of
Good Friday
Shall soon be
A thing of the past;
Hear Easter knocking
At the door
Asking to be let in;
Who can stop him?
Whenever our winter
Comes, with her cold
And suffering,
Let’s not despair;
But get ready for joy
Which will soon be ours.
Winter is gone;
Suffering is dead;
Easter is born;
Joy is here.
All the world shines

Light after dark (Be inspired today 157 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do you see the rejuvenation?
The blossoming,
Sweet-smelling flowers
As spring takes over
The baton of command
From cold hands winter?
Springing in
New life of hope
And smiles,
With freshness, beauty,
And promise of bright
summer days streching out
their hand,
While the hard blows
Of winter get buried
Under springing flowers
And greenery,
May a new life of success
Bury the sweat
Of challenging struggles
Of hard work.
If you are going through
Winter of life
Have in mind,
Winter always gives way
To spring;
While summer waits patiently at the corner
For its own time to come;
As always it does;
Making the journey
More beautiful;
And more of a joy;
But sometimes scorching
And oppressive.
When you are going through
a dark night,
No matter how dark,
Do not lose hope;
It cannot last forever;
No matter how long it may take,
Day finally comes,
With its light.
Therefore, friend,
Always keep hope alive;
Always hope for better days.

My conversation with Diane following her post on spring inspired me to write this post. Thank you, Diane, for your inspiration.

Light in a dark world

Stop looking down;
Look up;
Stop looking so gloomy;
Brighten up;
Stop feeling discouraged;
Nothing is lost;
You will triumph;
Stop feeling defeated;
You are born to win;
Stop talking negatively;
Negative people
Are losers.😁
Stop putting your mind
Too much
On the stumbling blocks
On your way
And blowing them
Out of proportion;
Stop worrying too much
About them;
Instead, turn all of them
Into stepping-stones.
Don’t be somebody
Who brings gloom;
And who takes pleasure
In painting a dark picture
Of life;
Instead be someone
Who gives hope;
Don’t be darkness in a world
Struggling for light;
Be light in a dark world.πŸŽ‡

Thinking like a winner

“I have learned that winning takes thinking like a winner. Where the loser sees darkness and complains, the winner sees an opportunity for creativity, if not to have light, to cope happily without light, or to get something beneficial from the darkness. He doesn’t spend precious time complaining or grumbling about the darkness.” (Romilia quotes)