Poem No. 28 from 100 poems for my sweetheart

My darling forever

Are you thinking of me?
I cannot stop thinking of you;
Of your golden lips;
It seems there’s nothing else
To think about but you;
Are there any lips
Sweeter than yours?
I am helpless when it comes
To our love;
Hard as I may try,
I cannot stop thinking of you.
As my heart burns for you.
I feel the heat in and out.
It’s such a joyful heat
I never before experienced.
Assure me I can count on you;
Will you always be there
For me?
To quench this thirst
That is consuming my heart
like a wildfire?
A fierce hunger for you
Is gnawing my heart;
Tell me you will be there
For me as the sun shines
In the sky;
That is all I want to hear;
That those golden lips
Are mine for ever.
That you are my darling forever.


Poem n.6 from 100 poems for my sweetheart

You are my perfect darling;
The darling of my life;
Your eyes!
Never seen such eyes before;
Where did you get them?
If you stare at me
From morning till bedtime,
I will not get tired
Of seeing you;
And your lips;
Are they laced with gold?
Or sugar?
Nothing has ever tasted
So sweet,
Not glittered so brightly;
Can you guess how I feel
Knowing that you are all mine?
It’s hard for anyone to guess;
With you as mine,
All is perfect;
You are the perfect darling;
The darling of my life.

Remain a darling

You’re a darling;
Do you know why I say so?
You are so nice;
I am judging from
The sweet words
That come out of your mouth;
Only from a darling
Can such sweet words come;
Your words are sweet;
And sweet words,
From a sweet heart do come;
That is what you have;
A sweet heart;
Thus, a darling;
You are a darling;
A sweet one, indeed;
Please, do not stop;
Continue to be sweet;
You are a darling;
Remain a darling;
Continue to be a darling.

I call her darling

I call her darling, my darling;
And she’s truly a darling;
You might have met her;
Or you might not have met her;
If you have met her,
I know you will agree with me,
She is a darling;
I didn’t know real love,
Or selfless love, until I met her;
She is sunlight in my life;
When I am with her,
The rest of the world melts away;
I want to be with her all day;
From morning till night;
I want to talk to her all day;
From morning till night;
To know she is there for me;
And I am there for her.
That is her;
What she is to me;
It is not for nothing that
I call her darling, my darling.

The letter D

What comes to mind
When you think of
The letter D:
I Dare you; I Damn you; or
You are a Darling
A Dear one
In the silence of my heart
I contemplated her
I wonder why
I felt the urge to reach out
That fear of rejection
Simply went backstage
A silent prayer
I said a fold over
May she have a flower in her hair
May her voice be melodious
May her gaze be peaceful
May her touch be soft
And that’s what I think of
When I write the letter D
That cheer which keeps you on
That poem which makes you dream
The gist which keeps you merry
Even her swag makes you hopeful
And the mild fierceness so sweet
And when her self I did behold
I knew through and through
That I hadn’t been dreaming
Not in vain were my musings
D stands for Darling
It stands for Dona
In the alphabet of my soul
Where am free to define my letters

By Marie Abanga.

Tell me you love me

It’s a long time, darling,
Since you last told me
You loved me;
Do you remember when you last
Said those words of love to me?
Tell me now that you love me;
Your words mean much to me;
Just remind me that you love me;
That I am your sunshine;
Your oxygen and everything;
That will make my day.
Will you tell me you love me?
I want too hear those words
From your own very lips;
Tell me you love me.