A brand new day

A brand new day has come,
The last is gone;
But what has changed;
Shall it be stormy
Like a stormy sea?
Bombarded by waves?
Or the world shall be white
With snow?
Shall the earth’s bowels
Burst open
To spit out a blazing fire?
It’s not the day by itself
That causes the storms;
It’s the men and women
Who live that day;
True, that the weather
May change;
There could be rain,
There could be sunshine;
There could be a storm,
There could be calm;
But after everything,
That is not
The determining factor;
It is what we do;
It is human action;
It can be good,
It can be bad;
It can be positive,
It can be negative;
It can be kind,
It can be wicked;
That is what determines
Whether the day is good
Or it is a bad day.
Human action is the key;
Watch what you do;
It determines your day;
They determine your life;
And affect the lives of others.
If the world is evil,
That is our doing;
We are responsible.
If we enjoy peace,
It does not fall from heaven;
It is the work of our hands;
Straight from our hearts.
Let us make our day
What we like it to be;
And what we like it to be
For us,
Let us make it for others.


A day of great joy

Today is a wonderful day;
A special day,
A day of great joy;
Today is a day of days;
A day unlike other days;
There shall be shouting
And screaming with joy;
The name of the Lord
Shall be praised this day;
Unlike on other days,
For mighty is he;
And mighty his works;
Works of his divine hands;
Come all the world,
Come join me,
To praise the Lord;
For this wonderful day;
A gift so rare,
He has given to us.
It is this wonderful day.
Everynody enjoy today!

When we have a good day

A good day is a good day;
A good day is made by God;
A good day is heaven’s gift;
A good day is above our power;
True, we can contribute
To make a good day;
As fellow workers with God;
But that can only be
A contribution,nothing more;
As all that is good
Comes from God;
So too does a good day.
Let us thank God
When we have a good day.

Greetings to you all

Greetings to you all!
May your day be blessed!
May God sit at the center
Of your life;
Only by God’s grace
Shall you sail through;
And sure you are
Of His grace
For so generous he is.
In him, dear people,
Put your trust,
As you embrace this day;
And as you look ahead;
To enter the open door
Of the new day.
Prayer remains the key;
Use it everyday
To open your door.
May God guide you
In everything you do!
I encourage you.
Keep going don’t relent.

A day of joy

The day of joy has come;
The day the Lord has made;
A day that delights the heart;
The type of happy day
We don’t have everyday;
Do you know?
Much this day means to me;
I feel so favoured
And so blessed;
As God our Creator,
Greater than any other;
Whom I look up to for all,
Has blessed me
With graces so abundant;
As I start
Such a day of joy;
I will keep it holy;
And keep filling it with smiles;
This day the Lord has made.