Such is life

How was your day?
Was it a day well spent?
Or a day of regrets
And tears;
My heart goes to you
If your day was filled
By years;
I pray God may comfort you.
And if your day was full
Of joy
Don’t forget those who
Had it hard.
Pray that the rays
of the sun may shine
on them but too;
As they did on you;
By the way,
Not all days can be good.
Some days will be good;
Some days will be bad.
Bad days and good days;
Such is life.


Each day is unique

Each day is unique;
It has its highs
And its lows;
It good points
And its bad;
Don’t compare one day
And another day;
No day is more than
Another day;
When your mind focuses
On the good alone
It will be a wonder
Full day;
When it focuses
On the bad
It will be a bad day;
So, its not the day,
It’s the way we see
The day.
Each day is unique;
All days have their
Good side
And their bad side.
Don’t dwell on the
Bad side;
Dwell on the good side.

A big Monday

This Monday is a big Monday
For you as for me;
Claim it;
Call it turning point Monday;
Or break through Monday;
I want you to claim it;
It is the Monday that the Lord
Has made;
Many good things he locked in,
To release this Monday.
A very big Monday, indeed!
Are you ready for this great day?
Step forward
And let the world know
You are looking forward
To the blessings of this Monday.