Don’t deceive yourself

Don’t deceive yourself,
And blame another,
Or others,
For deceiving you;
Look well;
And be sure of what
You are believing;
Don’t believe
Merely because
You are told it is so;
Check and crosscheck;
And be ready to reject
If that is what you think
Is right.
Only do what you know
To be right.
Don’t be a prick!

All that glitters

It’s not every shiny egg
That you must eat;
Many mushrooms
Look beautiful
But are poisonous;
A red carpet may lead
To a lion’s den;
Don’t jump into a pool of boiling oil because it looks like a swimming pool;
The devil often
dressess like an Angel;
Temptation is usually sweet
Like nectar,
The container may shine
And glitter
While the content is rotten;
Underneath the green grass
May lurk a deadly serpent.
Let not appearance deceive you;
All that glitters is not gold.

Small no bi sick

Let not my tiny size
Deceive you or anyone;
Going by size, I know,
The writing is clear,
You will dismiss me;
But I can assure you
That would be an error;
I can do far more
Than I look capable
Of doing;
Size says I am nothing,
To worry about;
But reality says,
Be careful;
I am the tiny hole
That sinks a ship;
That kills more than
Any disease.
Small no bi sick;
Don’t be deceived
By my size.
The small, unbeatable.

Don’t deceive yourself

Don’t deceive yourself;
Or allow another to do so;
No matter how bitter
The truth is,
It must be said;
Success is not an easy thing
To come by;
Few are those who find it
With ease;
Some might look like
They do,
But that may not be
The reality;
You have to toil
For your success;
You have to sweat;
And get hard blows
At times;
And yet to hang on;
If someone tells you
It’s otherwise,
That success comes easily
Tell them
Not to deceive you;
And you also,
Don’t deceive yourself;
Don’t ever do.

Let no face deceive you

What goes on inside somebody,
Is often hard to know;
You may look at someone’s face
And think you know what’s inside
That individual’s heart;
But that will not be true;
What someone thinks, maybe the exact
Opposite of what is buried within.
You may think someone is a hard rock
When the fellow is a soft sponge.
You may think someone is soft
When the fellow is a hard rock.
The face and the heart often are
Two worlds very far apart;
Judge no one’s heart from the face;
And let no face deceive you
About the content of the heart.