The perfect success equation

If you want to succeed;
Know what you must do;
Know the success formula;

The equation that never fails;
First things first;
Make sure
You are alive;
Take care of your health
Protect yourself ;
And at this time of covid 19,
Top of the chart is
Social distancing;
Wearing your nose mask is paramount;
Many are going;
Don’t forget
Hand sanitization
Success is not manna from heaven;
It’s the fruit of the right decisions
and right actions.
Short and simple,
Do the things that bring success
And nothing will stop you
From succeeding.
If you do nothing,
Or fail to do the right thing,
No matter how you dream of success,
It will be nothing but a dream;
Dream and act;
And not any kind of act;
Act rightly;
And don’t be deceived,
It may still not come;
Then use your joker:
I can assure you;
Success can never resist
The right combination;
Right decision;
Right action;
And persistence.
Perfect success equation.


God’s decisions

If God takes a decision
That it’s your time,
It will be your time;
You cannot change it.
If God takes a decision
That you will succeed,
You will succeed;
You cannot change it;
You cannot defer it either;
If God decides
That you will be great,
You will be great,
God’s decisions are final;
You cannot change anyone;
No one can change any;
What he decides stands;
And happens at the time
He chooses;
In the light of this,
Let us pray:
God our Father,
Thank you for revealing
Your truth to humanity;
Help us to put our trust
Fully in you.
Hear when we cry to you
As you have promised
You will. Amen!

Wisest decision ever

Do you know
The wisest decision
Ever made?
Do you know
The wisest decision
Someone can make?
Do you know
The wisest decision
You can ever make?
I know;
The wisest decision
That someone has ever made,
Is the wisest decision
That you can ever make;
It is the wisest decision
That someone can make.
It is to say “Yes!”
To God when He calls.
God is always calling;
If you listen,
You will hear His voice
Calling out to you.
If you say “Yes, Lord,
Here, I am;
I am ready to do what
You want,”
That would be
Your wisest decision
Of your life.
Every “Yes” to God
Is the wisest decision.

Sometimes, what you see is not what you think is !!

What you see is not what you think

Ornamental fish in the Fish tank

Just joking !

It’s a tube light reflection in the water droplets adjacent to the wash

basin.Taken with mobile.

You will understand better if you are lucky to read the following link

What we see is always not true

Thank you

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Marriage by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

How far should a premarital relationship go? What are the dos and don’ts in a premarital relationship?

Would you like to marry a boy who has had many girlfriends whom he has taken to bed?

Or if you are a boy, would you like to marry a virgin or a girl who has gone to bed with other men thereby having experience?

There are people who want only a virgin to marry and there are others who don’t care.

What about you?

7 Indispensable Ds of Success

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Succeed and go far in life

Do you want to succeed and especially go far in life?
Do you want to find a place among the top brass of your community, country and even the world?
If you do, great. You have a right to fly on the wings of your talent. It is your right to rise to any position you like; and you can if …
If what?
If you do what is necessary.
What is necessary?
The following 7 Ds of success:

Develop a strong desire or drive to join the ranks of the great. Know that you can Live life beyond your wildest dreams.

Take a firm decision to get to where you want to go.


Be determined to get to where you want to reach.

Be dedicated. Dedication is the hard work and effort that you put into an important activity or purpose.
Discipline yourself. Cultivate the ability to control your behavior or the way you live and work.
Take a full dive into it.  As you do, believe totally in your God-given ability to get what you desire to get. No half measures.

Be dogged. Do not easily give up. Be tenacious; persist.

Red carpet reception