Frank declaration of love

Have I ever declared my love to you?
Have I ever told you how so
Dearly I love you?
That I am almost crazy about you?
And why I love you with such a passion?
This is what I want to do;
You are so special; so unique;
So everything;
Your ways are different.
It’s not just your disarming beauty
That has caught me arms down,
It’s more especially the content of your heart.
You have a heart of gold, full of nectar;
Or I should say honey;
You are sweeter than anything
I have ever tasted;
You are
Loving, loyal, faithful and supportive;
You are a charming and charismatic queen;
With a great personality that is disarming;
Since I knew you I’ve not seen
You dump a friend;
Your love is boundless;
Time and distance
Will never stop you from being
My angel;
The sweetest thing on the surface of our planet;
I can imagine how sweet a flavor the air
Around you should have;
I want you never to hunger for love;
As I will make sure you bathe in love
Every day;
Close your eyes for a while now,
And savor the fresh breeze of love
That, at this moment, is flowing
From my heart for you to you!

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