Independence day!

Independence day!
4th of July;
What a great day, indeed!
World History was made;
Not American history alone,
The history of the world;
The American Declaration
Of Independence;
A new nation was born;
Freedom was gained;
A birth yet untold;
A new beginning
The entire world recreated;
What a precious commodity
Freedom is;
It opens new doors,
To new possibilities unimagined.
May every human being
Be blessed,
To have the freedom so desired;
To realize their potential
To the full;
And the full potential
Of the land!


Make a life-changing declaration

Barack Obama declared “Yes, we can.” Millions of Americans joined him to declare it and they did. They won the election; doing what Martin Luther King and his generation did not do.

What you declare is very important. Do not take it lightly. Mind what you declare. Declare firmly and with conviction to the world what you will have and see the world make way for you to have it.

I want you to make a life-changing declaration right now and let it change your life. I like you to formulate that declaration in answer to the question,”How do you want to make it in life?”

My answer to this question is, “I want to make it big.” And I recommend this declaration for you. If you accept it, and I very strongly encourage you to do so, declare it to your blogging community in the comment box before you take it home. Declare now and mean it: “I want to make it big.”