Who can answer?

How can such nice people
Have such a bad leader?
How can such brilliant people
Have such a dull leader?
How can such competent people
Have such an incompetent leader?
How can such honest people
Have such a dishonest leader;
How can people who can die fighting for the truth
Have a leader who revels.in lies telling?
How can people who swear by democracy
Have a leaders who a dictator?
How can a people who boast of their freedom
Have a leader who is doing everything to stifle freedom?
How can a people who are like the light
Have darkness for their leader?
Can you answer any of these questions?


Dear leader, examine yourself

The leaders I see,
Where are we going?
Who are the winners?
The dictators or the democrats?
Dictatorship or democracy?
Why are they like this?
Why are these great leaders
Doing this?
Preaching virtue
And practising vice;
What a people!
On each other,
They sling mud;
Stones and mud they throw
On anyone opposed
To their interest?
Nothing to do with being right
Or wrong;
Interest and interest alone;
Be on their side,
They find everything
Good about you;
Shift to the opposing side,
They find everything
Bad about you;
You throw mud on me,
I throw mud on you;
The same person is an angel
To some,
And a devil to others;
Are the ideal people
I have so much admired
Over the years
The ones doing this?
Where is their honesty gone?
Where is their objectivity?
Where is their fairness?
When I am the judge
I call you
A criminal and sentence you
Because you belong
To a different camp;
When your friends becomes
The judge
He dicharges and acquits you;
You are no longer criminal,
But inmocent;
Its stomach alone
That makes you criminal
Or innocent;
Where are the values?
Is the sanctuary of democracy
Still the haven of democracy?
What is lurking
In the shadow
With an ugly head
Like dictatorship
Testing the ground?
What I see is not
The dream world of values
That I knew;
The land of opportunity;
The defender of justice;
Human rights and freedoms,
Defender of equal opportunities
For all;
Does light become darkness?
Leader of the free world;
Champion of democracy;
Shall the light of the world
Become its darkness?
What the world needs
Is not darkness but light.
Don’t give us darkness;
Give us what we need: light.
Dear leader, examine yourself.

Fallen From Grace

God placed before me an obstacle course of challenges to navigate last week. Two individuals felt it imperative to attack my Christian beliefs. As we observe in the world today, many people have fallen from grace while they adhere to the trending fads of social justice. Though I could have tweeted and emailed rhetorical answers, I go forth in the light of God, and write this message. I welcome a good challenge, though, for they are not aware of my history with the Lord.

I investigated a word that rattled in my brain, for there must be some form of justice in my chain of events. It occurred to me God is not just a god of love, but He is “just” – morally right and fair.

Two kinds of justice should be the most concerning for Christians: social and biblical. Much of present-day humanity confuse biblical justice when applying it to our current laws – social justice. So, let me give you some prominent examples.


God created all humans equal in His image and the blessing to be treated with fairness and justice. But, from the beginning of the Bible, mankind rejected God’s principles. Paul, the Apostle, warned of this blight. Biblical justice is only what is right in the sight of the Lord – not man’s laws.

“God will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed.” Ecclesiastes 3:17

Biblical justice occurs when we see people as God sees them. This spiritual freedom causes us to fully embrace the cause of Christ by joining the community and reconciling others to the Lord. We should not to participate in something for just our own benefit, but for the glory of God.

He calls us to confront evil and to care for the vulnerable, however many people back away from this for fear of losing their life. So, thirty-five million people live in slavery, of some form around the world, because there is no one to save them from the horror. Injustice is rampant, and very few take action to protect the innocent. The news recently broadcast the story of a seventy-seven-year-old man beaten and robbed for a couple of hundred dollars. Did any Christian come forward to help him? Christ’s followers are to “do justice” because Christ came proclaiming justice. It is He giving a voice to the voiceless!

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” Psalm 82:3


In matters of social justice, we become entrenched in who wronged whom, and who wronged whom first, in an undertone of anger. It spreads division and destruction, as is evident within our current U.S. government. Social division becomes based on the judgment of everyone who does not see things “our way.” The distinction Jesus taught was never about skin color, religious, ethnic, or cultural affiliations or political positions. Condemnation of people blind us to the forgiveness Christ offers us as sinners.

Also, consider this… how many social media lovers refuse to discuss religion with others? Why? Is it the fear of social injustice invoking us to hide underneath the covers? Let’s drop our apprehensions and model Christ’s truth and grace.

Social justice will never represent the law of God passed down by Moses. It is unrighteous and dehumanizing, and the moment we accept it as a way of life, we have fallen from grace.


My answer is, “absolutely!” Upholding our dignity and biblical justice laws, we can become activists for the unborn, the elderly, marriage and family, and religious freedom. It’s not a glamorous feat, but it will quiet and humble the expression of biblical Christian justice.

May we all go out into the world with the spirit of our Lord! Be an inspiration for those who have fallen from grace. Your endeavors will be greatly rewarded!

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Dementia grips monster

We have the State
Of the Union today;
If you build a monster,
Have no qualms,
It can devour you;
Especially if dementia
Grips it;
That makes it dangerous;
Stop it before
It’s too late;
Look exactly what I see
Staring at me;
A demented monster?
Who brought him here?
Let someone tell me;
Who built him?
I see something scary;
Everybody being trumped;
Underhand ways
Trumping morality;
Vaulting ambition
Trumping loyalty to
The core values
Of a democratic society,
It’s scary
You build a monster
And blindly follow him;
Hypnotic powers at work
Or something?
That keeps me awake
With thinking time.
How high will
Your temperature rise
If a loaded weapon
Of Emergency Powers
Goes into wedlock with dementia?
I see the head of the world
pushed into the mouth
Of a furnace
With burning coal;
Or do you see a human being
In a lion’s den?
I see a monster that changes colour like a chameleon!
All my red lights are on.
I can’t sleep;
Who says the impossible
Cannot be possible;
See real emergence
Into a high dimension
No one thought possible;
A democracy emerges into
A democratic kingdom;
Call it democratic dictatorship;
See Congress trumped;
Supreme Court trumped;
The Commander-in-Chief
Of the military trumps it all.
That is the State of the Union.

America’s Prophecy… the End

In the night’s quiet, I arrived home from work. It was peaceful and calm, but in my subconscious mind, a volcano of thought was about to spew onto paper. Under a cloudless sky of endless frustration, my imagination exploded with a horrific thought. Our political arena comes to my mind, but before I let logic equate the scenario, I must refer to the place all things begin – the BIBLE. Allow me to share the first thing my eyes set on…

[During the first four trumpets, each nation will be forced to suspend its constitution so that martial law can be enacted. Given the size and scope of God’s wrath, world leaders will do whatever it takes to maintain control. Food and water supplies will be rationed. Medical care and energy reserves will be scarce. Hunger and thirst will drive millions of dazed and bewildered people crazy. Extreme situations require desperate solutions. Earth’s population has never seen a global crisis like the first four trumpets. The crisis will be so huge that political leaders in every nation will be set free of their constitutional obligations almost immediately. This freedom will permit them to enact and enforce laws they would have strongly opposed during normal times. The declaration of martial law will make it very easy for lawmakers to comply with the demands of Babylon’s clergy. Given the fact that something must be done to appease God, very few citizens will complain – at first.]

READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE: https://www.danielrevelationbiblestudies.com/Martial_Law.htm

Yes, my friends in Christ, martial law is written in scriptures! I highly encourage you to read the full article by following the link. It is profound to know America is in prophecy. My faith is in God as I now see the direction this nation is headed soon. I look no further than the borders of my yard for a source of peace for God gives me the strength to do all things through faith.

God blesses me with messages to relay to my followers, and many calls me eccentric or bazaar. As Jesus spoke, His messengers will be mocked and doubted, and I accept the role. However, this blog is not my prediction but straight out of the Bible, in the Book of Daniel.

I often speak, in quiet corners, about martial law in America. Today they soften those harsh words to “State of Emergency” situations. They are unpredictable and maybe scary but revealed in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. I will not attempt to interject my thoughts into this article for you will read it and draw your conclusions.

As we watch events unfold in the United States and the Middle East, the balance of power falls into the grip of the most powerful nations. The correlation between prophecy and scripture is uncanny. Our open borders, lawlessness, and sovereign territory are now infiltrated by self-servant beliefs, religions, and cults. They brainwash even our children, as prophesied, to believe other forms of capitalism is healthier than our longstanding democracy. The book, Lord of the Flies, comes to mind. No one can govern themselves without disastrous consequences!

In a pun, I say the word Bible stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.” The truth is, it is written by philosophers and astrologers who predicted, two thousand years ago, the events we face now and in the near future. But, the prophet, Daniel, saw the vision of martial law, or loss of our liberty. How profound!

Daniel the Prophet

So, what would Jesus say to us today about America’s circumstances? I believe He would say though we can’t change the evilness of the world, but we can allow God to change us. Thoughts run deep, and I’m unable to put my writing tablet down long enough to pour another cup of coffee. How many of our friends and family members will live through martial law? How many will place God in their heart and soul for eternal salvation? Does it scare you many of us will never see our loved ones again?

My heart tremors for God is coming to rule… no doubt, it’s the beginning of the end.


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Challenge to the USA

Hello America!
Lovely, nice people;
Good, great country;
Land of freedom;
Land of democracy;
Land of opportunity;
Today is 4th of July;
You celebrate
Declaration of Independence;
What a great day!
With a clarion call; A big challenge;
As you celebrate
The day you changed
The course of history;
And gave it a better direction.
You are a great nation,
By many, far and near admired;
Role model;
We count on v you
To continue to show,
And light the way
That the world must follow;
Of recent, worrisome signals
Have raised their ugly head;
Democracy appears to be
On the slab for slaughter;
The values of light
Gradually rubbed in mud
And trampled upon;
Integrity overthrown
By pocket power;
Letting out waves of worry;
And fear across the continents;
Can we continue to count on you, America?
Is America still ready,
And able to champion
The struggle
To free the world
From the fangs and tyranny
Of unscrupulous persons?
That is your challenge,
4th July country;
Land of freedom and democracy.

Quote (democracy & dictatorship)

“From the look of things, democracy has exhausted its inbuilt energy and is completely worn out. Put another way, it has come to the end of the road and is handing back the baton of command to dictatorship which is notorious for torture and other forms of human rights abuses at the summit of which is impunity. It can be said democratic values and principles are on the run, chased by the very people who fought tooth and nail to install it. Dictator has taken back the throne – a sad reality for the world.” Romilia Quotes.

Be conversant with

Isn’t it strange that you are not conversant with the principles of democracy but talk so loudly about how democracy is not practiced in your country? That makes me think that you are either a noise-maker or trouble-maker.

Know what you are asking for so that you will know when it has or has not been given. This means that you have to be conversant with the principles of democracy before you start to advocate for it.


Democracy without bitterness

What a joy
That we remain friends
After the election!
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

You won and I lost;
But our friendship continues;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

I have congratulated you;
And you have consoled me;
Life continues;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

True that we said things
During the campaign;
But that is now of the past;
It was the game of politics;
Those things are behind
And we are moving on;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

No bitterness in our hearts;
No provocation of anyone;
Only celebration on both sides;
Since Democracy has won;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

Today is your turn,
Tomorrow may be my turn;
And life will continue;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

Democracy threatened

I continue to ponder on
What is going on
In America.
I continue to be worried about
What is going on
In America;
I continue to have fears about
What is going on
In America;
I continue to pray about
What is going on
In America;
I continue to wonder how
What is going on
In America will end;
Will it spread throughout
The country?
Will it spread
To other countries?
Or it will soon die?
Communism collapsed;
The Berlin Wall came down;
What next?
We have to be very careful.
Americans must be very careful;
Democracy is in danger;
Democracy is threatened.