The Minor victories

The minor victories of life,
Are a treasure to be valued;
If you do not celebrate them,
You miss a point so great;
These small victories,
Are the stepping-stones
To greater ones;
The building blocks
Of the great
Edifice of achievement;
So when God puts them
On your path, celebrate them;
Before you keep on working
For more.
As you go to bed everyday,
Celebrate the successes
Of that day;
And thank God
For he is so good to you.
He is really so good to you.
Each minor success,
Each small victory,
Is a savings in your success bank;
The more of them you deposit,
The more your account swells,
Till you become a financial giant;
Coin by coin, shall you become
A billionaire;
Coin by coin, shall you become
A financial giant.
Small victory by small victory
You grow into a great achiever.