Today’s Morning Prayer 38

Most loving God,
We have made it
Our duty
To worship you daily,
And first thing
To start our day;
The devil is always
To derail us,
Grant us the grace
To hold fast
To our faith
And do what is right.

Back on the rails (Be inspired today 161 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

The train was on
The rails;
The train got derailed;
The train is back
On the rails;
The place
Of the train
Is on the rails;
If ever your train
Leaves the raills,
Get it back there;
You are a kind
Of train
As you journey through
This world;
The railroad on
Which you are traveling
Has been constructed
By God himself;
It is normal
From time to time,
To run off those rails.
Make sure you get back
On them;
So that you continue
Because you don’t have
To stop till you
Reach your destination.