The tragic reality of today’s world

This is a call to all who believe in God and the word of God to humanity.

Why is the world the way it is when we have churches popping up every day?

Are you aware of the acute shortage of love in the world?

What about the devastating surplus of hate?

This is the tragic reality of our world and our most critical challenge as the indigenes of planet earth and believers in God.

The daunting task in our hands has always been, and will for a long time to come, remain to reverse the trend and let love overflow while hate is reduced to the barest minimum, if not completely eradicated.

The critical question is whether humanity can live up to this arduous task.

That is the mission which the Church has engaged herself to accomplish since she was instituted by her Divine Founder.

Her fortunes have been mixed.

The truth is, as long as hate outweighs or supersedes love in the world, we will continue to bear witness to the overwhelming and devastating flow of evil that has already submerged the human race.

But we have neither reason nor excuse to despair. We must keep the candle of hope burning, based on the assurance of heaven, that victory will be on our side. Reason will eventually outdo senselessness in the race and ultimately, good will triumph over evil.

Let us live in hope that our world will eventually sail through the stormy seas of hate to the safe shores of love.

Let our candle of hope burn on, that peace will eventually reign in our midst while chaos, wars, senseless fighting and killing and destruction will go into a downward spiral in a bottomless pit.

If we let hope go, we become hopeless.

Despite the dark reality of our world, let us keep hope alive.

We need to lean on God. He is our only hope. We cannot eradicate hate and the evil that comes from it through our human effort. Only God can rescue us. He alone can grant us the grace of love. He alone can transform the burning human thirst for evil into a thirst for good.


Do you believe in despair?

Do you believe in despair?
I don't believe in despair;
It means giving up completely;
Admitting that there is no way out:
I am not for that;
I can never be for that:
There is always a way out;
And you can always turn tears
Into laughter.

Or a dark day into a bright day;
Hence, when sorrow comes,
Look for how to get the best out of it;
And if you find no way,
There is a permanent way
Of making the most of grief:
Get closer to God;
Pray more than you ever prayed;
Read your bible,
To better understand the Word. 

Continue to have hope

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If things are not working
As you want,
Don’t despair;
Continue to have hope;
Continue to struggle.
Continue to put your trust
In God.

If you fall many times
On the way,
Don’t despair;
Get up;
Continue to have hope;
Continue to struggle
Continue to put your trust
In God.

If you incur serious
In your business,
Don’t despair;
Continue to have hope;
Continue to put your trust
In God.

If you are betrayed by a trusted one,
Don’t despair;
Continue to have hope;
Continue to put your trust
In God.

The winner’s prize

Are you, sometimes, at a loss,
About how things are moving?
Do you, sometimes, do all
You know you should do,
And yet, the expected results
Still do not come?
And you know not what to do?
Well, you needn’t despair;
It happens to all;
The great and the common;
To the big and the small;
The tall and the short.
It is not to you alone;
And so no reason to despair;
To be discouraged;
To give up.
Instead, you have reason
To keep on going;
For, if you do, the winner’s prize
Will be yours;
You will carry home the winner’s prize;
The winner’s prize is waiting.

A better day tomorrow

If things are not moving today,
Nothing says they will not move
If today is shaky and rocky,
Nothing says it will be shaky
And rocky tomorrow;
Take nothing for granted;
And don’t jump to any conclusion;
Tomorrow will be different;
Today is not yesterday;
And tomorrow will not be today;
Everyday is different;
Everyday is unique;
Everyday has its own load to carry;
Loads of joy and loads of sorrow;
Well lodged in its bowels;
God alone is in control;
We must live in hope;
And in faith in God’s goodness;
That tomorrow will be a better day.

The cry of a desperate child

Who will hear my cry?
Who will hear the cry
Of a desperate boy?
I feel for myself;
I cry for myself;
Let me cry out my sorrows;
Let me cry out my lungs;
If I can ever do;
Sorrow fills my heart;
It seems to grow bigger
By the day;
My sorrow tank never runs dry;
Some people grow in luxury;
I grow in sorrow;
I grow bigger in abject poverty;
Some people live on delicacies;
I know not delicacies;
I hardly have a full meal a day;
I cry for myself;
I mourn for my wretched life;
Some people are spoiled
With love from childhood
Through adulthood;
And throughout life;
Some people are swim
In love; and bath in
The warm stream of life;
But nobody to love me;
And nobody for me to love;
Some people enjoy peace
At home and everywhere they go;
Some people are anxiously Waiting;
And living a life free of worries;
My life is beset by worries;
Fears and doubts;
What life has offered me
Leaves me no reason to hope
That tomorrow will be better;
That my misery is just
For today;
See my eyes how swollen
They are from all my crying;
pour on sad tears;
That my inner core may be empty;
That a downpour of tears
And sorrows, we may have
No more.


I recalled with a vividness I found unsettling, my feeling when I’d seen the damage that I’d done to her. It was a primal feeling in which I still felt gripped. Mingling with all these confusions I was acutely unaware of my very own alienness. The facts were mounting, the truth was before me and I felt its crushing weight as it was a mountain on my shoulders. I was face to face with the fact that I had pushed her away.

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Are you living in despair or in hope?

Where is your hope?

Are you living in despair or in hope?

Where have you left your hope?

You must have hope;

Not despair but hope.

Be full of hope.

And live in hope.

And let your life be ruled by hope.

And let your face show hope.

You must sit not on despair but on hope.

You must spin on hope;

And let your life be controlled by hope.

For he that has no hope

Is hope

Less, I hope.

It’s all a question of hope.

It’s a question of living in hope;

It’s a question of being strong in hope.

You must live in hope.