Face them with courage

Gradually, I am catching up;
Moving to my destination;
To where I set out to go;
To the mountain top;
That is my destination;
Quite a lofty destination;
But that is it;
I like big dreams;
Challenging dreams;
I know I can live up to
Such dreams;
So I am not scared of them;
Instead,what I do is,
I take time
And get myself ready;
And then I plunge in;
I face the bull by the horns;
And always, victory
Is the outcome.
Isn’t that good for you too?
No one should be scared
Of big dreams;
Face them with the courage
Of a lion.


That is what matters

Look at my speed count!
You tell me:
How are things moving?
If progress is slow,
My hope is high;
We will soon get
Into higher gear;
My mind is not fixed
On the beginning,
Or the obstacles on my way;
My mind is fixed
On where I am going;
My target;
My destination;
And my opportunities;
Whatever stands on my way,
Is not my target;
It must be bypassed;
I have to get to my target;
My destinstion.
That is what matters.

Know where you are going (Be inspired today 310 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you know
Where I am going,
And know exactly
How determined I am
To arrive there,
You will know I will arrive;
That nothing will stop me;
Nothing stops someone
Who knows
Where they are going,
And are determined
To get there.
The first thing then
Is to know
Where you are going;
Then you firmly resolve
To get there.

Keep on till you arrive

A sentence is not complete
Until you put a full stop;
A comma is not the end
Of a sentence;
Whether you like it
Or not,
You will fall many times
On your journey
Through life.
But each time you fall,
Make sure you get up
And continue;
Let each fall be a comma
Not a full stop;
Stay focused
On your destination;
And you may stop
For a while to rest,
But continue afterwards;
A resting place
On your way, if need be,
But not a permanent home.
Your destination is
The only punctuation mark
That indicates
You have completed your sentence.

The good news is

The good news is,
We are getting there;
We are getting to where
We are going;
We are getting to our
We are getting there;
It doesn’t matter
How far away we may be
From the arrival point;
What natters is
We are getting there;
We are making progress;
We are on the right road;
And making progress;
And we have both older
And younger drivers
On board our car;
Our hopes are high;
Our team will arrive;
That is the good news;
It doesn’t matter when;
And who will be on board then;
And who will be driving;
The team will arrive;
New team or old team;
We are on the right road;
And making progress;
And every new day is better
Than the one before.
We are doing it;
We have reason to be happy;
To thank God;
To praise his holy name.
And that is what we will do;
Come join us;
To thank the Lord;
To praise his holy name;
For he is mighty;
He is great;
He is good now and always;
That is the good news.

Stop drifting

If you have been drifting
In life,
It means yours is a life
Without a goal,
And no clear plan
To follow,
If you are on a journey
Without a destination,
That is not the right
Thing to do;
My message to you is clear
And simple:
Stop drifting;
Stop wasting your life;
By drifting you waste
Your life;
By drifting you aimlessly
An exercise that we say
Is worthless.
You stop drifting;
As success, it won’t bring
To you.

Progress (Quote)

“However slowly, as compared to others, I may be climbing to my destination which is the topmost rung of the ladder, one thing that is comforting and makes me happy is I am making progress. It may not be any remarkable progress as such, but it is progress all the same. Each new day comes with better results than the previous day. This shows that I am not losing but winning.” (Romilia Quotes)