Prayer for those who oppose us

Some people are after us
O Lord,
Trying to destroy
Your house
Which we are struggling
To build;
We pray Almighty God,
That you shatter
All the evil thoughts
And plans
In their hearts,
And convert them
To you,
Turn them into supporters,
So that we join hands
And work for your glory.


Vaulting ambition (Quote)

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“I will not stop expressing a cautioning note about vaulting ambition. I say ambition is good and necessary, but needs to be watched and controlled. Don’t let your ambition overflow its banks. For then, it becomes vaulting ambition which is very dangerous. Vaulting ambition has caused so much destruction in the world. Adolf Hitler towers above the world’s leaders as someone who got to the apex of vaulting ambition. The sad result was he caused untold destruction of humanity. And in fact, he did not only destroy others, he destroyed himself as well. That is what happens with vaulting ambition. You destroy not only others in the course of pursuing your goal but also yourself.” Romilia Quotes

Quote (truth/lies)

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“One of the saddest things about humanity is that the truth is often trampled upon instead of being allowed to triumph. People would know the truth, but because it does not serve their interest, they will trample on it, and let a lie prevail. By doing this, we are gradually destroying the world. It is the truth, not lies, that will set us free.” (Romilia quotes)

At a complete loss

I am at a complete loss;
I don’t know what to believe,
And where
The world is heading to;
We are all quarreling
With one another;
Fighting with one another;
Destroying one another;
Killing one another;
All because we are not
Just to one another.
Injustice is our problem;
We are always trying
To cheat;
And nobody likes
To be cheated;
Can’t we save the world?
Can’t we save the human race?
If we are not careful,
We will extinct the human race;
By fighting
And destroying one another.


You astonish me with your declarations;
I did not expect that from you;
You need to chew your words properly
Before you say them;
Once they are unleashed, they cannot be
And as you well know, words can destroy;
Words can set a house on fire;
And much more than a house,
Words can set a whole nation on fire;
In fact, words can set the world on fire.


Wasted knowledge

Knowledge not used
Is wasted knowledge;
What then is the use
Acquiring it?
If knowledge is wasted,
The time spent acquiring it
Is wasted;
So too the energy used;
Then you have
Wasted knowledge;
Wasted time;
Wasted energy.
Knowledge should be used;
To build not to destroy;
The only way
The world can be built;
The only way
You can advance in life
Is to use knowledge gained.

The destroyers

While the world is full
Of builders;
The world is full
Of destroyers as well;
The builders build,
The destroyers destroy;
Are you a builder
Or a destroyer?
As you are building,
You have others who are
Only following behind
And destroying;
What an evil world
In which we live!
It’s a sad thing for our world;
That others build;
And others destroy;
And what we do
With the destroyers of the world
Is what worries
All the builders of the world.
Doe it worry you?
Why? Or why not?

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Respect each other’s religion

I respect your religion;
That is your belief;
You must not believe what I believe;
We think differently don’t we?
We are two different people aren’t we?
Why must we believe the same?
If we think the same, well and good;
If we differ, no problem; well and good;
I respect your religion;
Respect my religion;
Let’s respect each other’s religion
And live in peace.
Let’s not quarrel over religion
And destroy each other!
It won’t help anyone;
It will only destroy.
We should not destroy; we should build;
We should not hate; we should love.

Fear words more

You fear guns but don’t fear words?


You should fear words more than guns;.

Yes! Guns are dangerous;

But words are more dangerous.

Guns kill;

But not until they get their orders from words;

Orders said aloud or silently in our hearts.

If you fear guns,

Fear words more.

One word

Can set the world on fire; and

One word 

Can set the world at peace as well.

Fear guns; but

Fear words more.