Who will save us?

I have some worries
That need answers
So urgent.

Tell me:
How can the world
Know peace,
When the rich keep
Exploiting the poor;
And the powerful keep
Trampling on the weak?
Can’t this stop?

Tell me:
How can the world
Know happiness
When everyday,
The rich grow richer
While the poor grow poorer?
Can’t we put an end
To this?

Tell me:
How can we talk of
A just world
When the rich
Swim in wealth,
While the poor
Wallow in poverty?
Cant we make things good
For everybody?

Tell me:
Is this how
God meant the world
To be?
Is this
The creator’s plan
For his world?

Who created
The greed we have in us?
The evil prevailing?
The wickedness that fills
Many human hearts?

And how do we free
The world of all the evil
When it is growing
By leaps and bounds?

I fear for the world;
I fear what lies ahead;
Disaster, I clearly see;
Hate is about
To overthrow love;
Evil is overpowering good,
And violence and war
Are taking full control
Of the world,
Putting peace out of work;
Who will not nurse fears?
Who will not be worried
About the future of our
The road to destruction
Is being widened
And smoothened;
Who will save us?
That is the question.


This is where we are

Look at the damage
You have done;
How can it ever
Be repaired?
Houses have been
Some have been burned;
By wild fire they are
All consumed.
That is the damage
That has been caused;
Lives lost;
Many physically
And economically handicapped;
People thrown into
With no hope for
A future no one
Is sure of.
This is where we are;
This, sadly, is
Where we are.
Who likes this place
Where we are?
Can someone tell someone
We can have it no more?
Can the people be free?
And live in peace?
And not in pieces?

Do you know what is happening in Cameroon?

In Cameroon’s English-speaking part, lives are being lost, houses are burned down or destroyed, hospitals and schools have been burnt down, people are kidnapped, tortured and killed, heavy ransom are demanded, enemies are settling scores; no one is sure of living till the next day. It is a traumatic situation. Many are unable to go bury their loved ones when they die. Isn’t hell better?

Is there no one to help? Does no one care? The Church is consoling, preaching love, peace and reconciliation. See below. But can’t anyone help?

Auxiliary Bishop Michael Bibi visits destruction sites in Balikumbat consoles couples, families, population

Bishop Michael Bibi has been consoling couples, families and entire people of Balikumbat left in the cold after their homes were destroyed. He was on the spot. We must intensify our prayers. Couples are suffering; families are suffering. See pictures thanks to our reporter Paschal Chengeng in the field with the Bishop:

Graffiti….. Art or Vandalism ??

Graffiti Art or Vandalism

Food for thought

“When we destroy something created by man,we call it ‘Vandalism’.

But when we destroy,something by the Nature,we call it ‘Progress’

Ed Bergley Jr

What are your thoughts on Art vs vandalism ??

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography


Image source © Dr.Sridhar,2019 All Rights Reserved

The chemical weapon of fear

If fear is threatening
To grip your heart,
Do well to tell it off;
Let it go its way;
If you don’t turn it off,
You give it power to grip
Your life;
And if fear grips your life,
Be sure to ashes you’re crushed;
So dangerous it is;
It’s a weapon of mass destruction;
Good of it to stay clear;
And if on you it should
Impose itself,
Bring it under control.
It is nothing to let loose;
It gives birth without control,
Its kids so dangerous like himself:
Armed to the teeth for destruction;
Themselves weapons of mass destruction;
Chemical weapons,
As they are called,
And these are
And failure;
It is clear
Like your face in a mirror,
That these destructive chemicals,
Should be kept abbey.
Don’t joke with them;
Or let them come near you.

Let us have our peace

No destruction do we so want
In our land;
No fire and blood in our land
Do we want;
What we want is peace and calm;
That milk and honey may flow
For all, strong and weak;
Rich and poor alike;
We want not brother to fight
Against brother;
No running up and down on our
Streets, our cities and towns;
Nor brother to kill brother;
But brother and brother to hold
Each other’s hand and move
In love and solidarity,
To the destiny that is ours;
Wouldn’t we have our peace
To live our lives?
Shouldn’t we have our freedom
to freely move and live?
Give us the opportunity to live
Our lives to the full
As our Creator planned we should.

Vaulting ambition (Quote)

photo of man wearing green combat uniform holding rifle

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

“I will not stop expressing a cautioning note about vaulting ambition. I say ambition is good and necessary, but needs to be watched and controlled. Don’t let your ambition overflow its banks. For then, it becomes vaulting ambition which is very dangerous. Vaulting ambition has caused so much destruction in the world. Adolf Hitler towers above the world’s leaders as someone who got to the apex of vaulting ambition. The sad result was he caused untold destruction of humanity. And in fact, he did not only destroy others, he destroyed himself as well. That is what happens with vaulting ambition. You destroy not only others in the course of pursuing your goal but also yourself.” Romilia Quotes

If you have a dream

If you have a dream for your life,
If it is in line with God’s laws,
It is God’s plan for you life.
If you fully go for it;
It will come into reality;
If it is not in line with God’s laws,
It is not God’s plan for your life;
If you pursue it no matter how hard,
It will not come true;
If it comes true at all,
It will lead to your destruction.
It, therefore, means
If you have a dream as you should,
It should be in line with Gods laws.