Nothing is stopping me

Look where I now stand;
Right at the mountain flour,
And like a pillar planted;
Mind racing like rocket
A myriad thoughts afloat,
My gaze on that so fixed;
Can you make a good guess
Whereto I head?
To that mountain top;
Which, like the sky so high;
And silently I wonder:
Shall I get there?
A question I find so hard;
Can I get to that high top?
My head, doubt invades;
But I won’t keep it there.
That is not where it belongs;
I will be positive;
The top is my target;
There I will get;
Nothing’s stopping me.
What I want, that’s what
I will get.


Determination Renewal

Here and now, this day,
I renew my determination;
You can call it my resolve to win;
To do what I have opted to do;
I am telling myself
And whoever likes to hear,
That I will make it;
That nothing will stop me;
That I will face the challenges;
I will overcome all obstacles;
I will rise each time I fall;
I will persist;
I will keep going even when the going is hard;
And I will reach
My destination;
I know winning is no easy task;
The challenges are galore;
Discouraging moments numerous;
But I wiii cross the winning point;
And I will carry the day;
I will win the trophy.
That is what I am talking about;
I will become victorious;
I will be the champion.
You better renew your determination too;
If you don’t, I am afraid,
You may not make it;
You may not win your trophy;
Without determination,
You may not carry home
Your golden crown;
You will have challenges;
You will be discouraged;
You will stumble and fall;
And if you are not determined,
You will not get up.
You have to be determined;
Very determined;
This calls for constant renewal of your determination;
So, renew your determination.

The struggle continues

The war against evil in the world is a long haul.

Since the beginning of human life on earth, this battle has been fierce and relentless.

It rages more fiercely everyday as the ills of cheating, exploitation, fighting and killing continue to aggravate.

We steal, and commit all sorts of crimes without qualms.

In fact, the world is no better now than it was two thousand years ago. If anything, it is worse.

Yet, discouragement cannot prevail on us. We cannot lay down our arms. The struggle must continue. Good must overcome evil.

Forward ever to all good souls that want an end to evil in the world!

Late start again

I had another late start today;
A late start again;
It’s worrisome, indeed;
I have to work very hard
To catch up;
And if I don’t take time,
I may miss my target;
But I am optimistic;
I will make it;
That is the spirit;
Optimism and determination;
When you meet a setback,
As you go about today,
Don’t throw in the towel;
Optimism and determination
Married to persistence,
Will play the trick for you.

Only a few

Yesterday was not
My best day;
Take note!
I have not said
It was a bad day;
I only say
It wasn’t
My best day;
Ask me what I mean;
I will tell you;
Many things;
Only a few things
As I expected;
Only a few;
Let’s end here.
But my spirits
Remain strong;
I will not crumble;
The load of discouragement
Will not stop me;
I will keep my head up;
And keep going;
Till my destination.

My footprints

If you want
To pass here unnoticed,
Like a thief slipping in
Through a side door,
You are free to do so;
You make your choice;
You do as you like;
As for me,
I won’t go that way;
That is not my destiny;
It’s the wrong road for me.
To go unnoticed
Is not like me;
To throw myself in mud?
And get my body soiled?
I refuse with all my energy;
I will stamp my feet
On the ground;
And make the world
Know I am there;
I will rock the boat;
And make a loud noise.
Why should I tiptoe,
When I can leave
My foot prints in bold,
On the dust of time.
I am not a lamb;
I am a lion;
I will roar,
Be it in the valley
Or the hill.
I will play my role.

Are you determined?

Who is determined
Like me?
Who can be determined
Like me?
I am determined;
So determined;
Extremely determined;
I am determined
To make it big;
I am determined
To shine;
I am determined
To be a source of
To many;
I am determined
To be a winner;
I am determined
To be a role model.
What about you?
Tell me about yourself.
Are you determined
Like me?
What are you determined
To do?
What are you determined
To be?

Nobody can stand On your way

You will meet people
Who will try
To put you down
For no other reason
Than that
It will make them
Feel fine?
You will not do anything
For them to want
Your downfall;
But they will want it
Watch out
For such people;
Don’t let them
Succeed in their diabolic plan.
Twart it;
Prove to them
That nobody can stand
On your way.
In fact, nobody can.

Don’t wave me aside

Don’t wave me aside;
Don’t look at me
And conclude
That I will not make it;
That I will not amount
To much;
Because I look so;
That will be an error;
My determination
To make it is strong
And unshakable;
And it is hard to know
What a person can do
With such determination.
There is virtually no limit.
If you wave me aside
I will surprise you
By making it big;
I will prove to you,
What I am meant to be:
A great individual.