100% committed

I set myself a lofty goal;
So resolute am I about it;
I am fully determined;
100% committed to achieve it;
That goal is to find
The sea route to India;
The India of my aspirations;
The summit of Mount Everest
Of achievement;
I will sail on that route;
Do you know what?
I will reach my destination;
By ship or by boat;
The storms of the sea
Will I bravely weather;
And there at the apex
When I stand;
And throw a glance below,
Where I am coming from;
I will narrate my ordeal;
And whoever likes to hear,
Let them hear,
How I found myself there;
How they can get there;
Because it’s not a miracle;
But within human reach;
It’s being done;
So why can’t anyone?
Yes, nothing will stop me;
The devil will not;
In fact, he cannot;
And God cannot;
Because that’s his plan
For me;
Instead, he’s waiting
That I get on board;
And he makes it easy for me;
I am ready;
Because, I want it bad;
And with you O Lord
I know, I will make it.
I am committed;
100% committed.
Sun or storm aren’t enough
To stop me.


How determined are you?

People who are determined enough,
Are those who achieve their goals;
People who are determined enough,
Are those who win the trophies;
people who are determined enough,
Are those who become champions;
People who are determined enough
Are those who don’t give up until they succeed;
People who are not determined enough
hardly go far;
People who are not determined enough
Hardly win trophies;
People who are not determined enough
Are losers in life.
Are you determined enough?
Are you a loser or an achiever?
How determined are you
To overcome the hurdles
On your way,
And emerge a champion?

Late start again

I had another late start today;
A late start again;
It’s worrisome, indeed;
I have to work very hard
To catch up;
And if I don’t take time,
I may miss my target;
But I am optimistic;
I will make it;
That is the spirit;
Optimism and determination;
When you meet a setback,
As you go about today,
Don’t throw in the towel;
Optimism and determination
Married to persistence,
Will play the trick for you.

Sure to make it

For very serious reasons
Beyond my control,
I started blogging late;
I am talking of today;
I had actually longed
To start early;
But couldn’t;
And that has placed me
Where I am at this moment;
But I won’t stay there;
I am working to catch up;
It will not be easy,
But I am not relenting;
I am determined;
So determined I am sure
I will make it very big.

Do you want to succeed?

Do you want to succeed?
Don’t say my question
embarrasses you;
There are many people
Who have no idea
What they want in life;
They have no ambition,
No plan for their life;
No determination
They make
No effort to make it;
This is why I ask
If you want to succeed;
You have to want to succeed;
You have to have a plan;
You have to be determined;
You have to work hard.
And rest assured;
If you do,
You will succeed.

A special plane (Be inspired today 304 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I am on board
A special plane
Heading to
The shining land
Of success;
Where milk and honey
In abundance flow;
The airway is rough,
But the crown to win
At the end
Makes it worth
The pain;
Who will not make
The effort;
The sacrifice.
That explains why
I am determined
To stay put;
To fight on
Till I reach the end;
And brandish
My precious golden crown;
Won at the sweat
Of my brow.

How determined are you?

I am determined to make it;
As determined as Ronald Reagan
If not Abraham Lincoln;
Did I say that to you before?
Matters not if I did;
Repetition drives home a point;
This is of utmost importance.
Nothing shall I allow
To stand on my way;
In the like of Abraham Lincoln;
Don’t forget Francois Mitterrand;
And Jacques Chirac;
And Barack Obama;
John McCain;
And Hilary Clinton;
Challenges will come,
But I will face them squarely;
Obstacles I will find,
I will clear them;
Where I have decided to go,
I will go.
What I have decided to do,
I will do;
I will achieve the goal
I have set for myself;
That is how determined I am.
Are you determined?
How determined are you?
Absolutely necessary
That you be determined, my sweet.

I will find it

am searching for it;
I have been searching for it;
I am still searching for it;
I will continue to search for it;
And I am confident
I will find it;
Yes, I will discover the way;
It is there;
There’s a way somewhere;
It is hidden,
And hard to find,
But I will find it;
As long as it exists,
I will find it;
Not by my power alone;
Through he
That gives me power;
And when I discover the way,
I will then start to run;
Now, I am creeping;
Not walking;
But a time will come
When I will run;
And a time will come
When I will fly.
I am very confident;
My God has promised me.
Of course,
He has promised you too.
Aren’t you aware.
He has promised
That you will fly;
That we will fly.
That is why I am confident;
You and I will find
The way;
We will find the way to run;
We will find the way to fly.