How best friends became worst enemies

Do you know some best friends
Who have become the worst enemies?
And do you know how it happened?
They opened the door of their
Hearts, leading to their relationship;
And allowed the devil to come in;
He came in and took full control;
With his powerful weapons of desire,
Greed, lust, passion and temptation;
He pulled them down;
They could not withstand his force;
So headlong they crashed landed;
Today, they are not best friends
But worst enemies.
You have to guard your heart;
Lock the door and safely keep the keys;
The devil is always at work;
Searching for good to turn to bad;
Looking for light to transform
Into darkness;
Hunting for best friends to make enemies;
That is how those best friends
Became the worst enemies.


At this train station

At the train station
Of life,
There are two trains
Ready to go;
And Satan-train;
God-train looks
So ordinary;
Satan-train looks modern
And sophisticated;
In which train
Would you like to travel?
Feel free
To choose your train.
But know what lies
Of the choice you make.
One transports good people;
The other, evil people.

Crush him hands down

The devil is powerful;
The devil is cunning;
The devil is persistent;
The devil is in your bedroom;
The devil is in your car;
The devil is in your living room;
The devil is in your office;
The devil is everywhere;
The devil is out for you;
And stands a good chance of
Crushing you;
Yet, you can defeat the devil;
And to do that, you have
One powerful weapon – prayer;
With prayer, you will send
The devil on the run;
With prayer, you will crush
The devil hands down.
With prayer, you will give
The devil hard times;
And that is what you must do.
Give him hard times;
Crush him, hands down.

The devil wants victory

Don’t be surprised the devil has supporters;
Don’t you see he has a whole kingdom?
Without evil people he would have no kingdom;
And don’t expect the devil to give up the fight
To conquer the world;
His devilish ambition is unbounded;
He wants victory;
He wants to win the race;
To defeat good;
And make evil reign in the world;
If you fold your arms,
The devil and his soldiers will crush you;
Take nothing for granted;
Do not let the devil win by forfeiture;
Don’t be absent from the boxing ring.

Too dangerous

There is wicked ever present creature
Who goes by the name Devil;
I have seen him at work lots of times;
This evil fellow is always at work;
He never sleeps, never rests, never;
He is for ever causing harm;
Destroying what others are building;
He does not like good to prevail;
He enjoys evil;
And if you smile with Him,
You are gone;
He grips you and takes you captive;
He is to be shunned;
Stay off his path;
Too dangerous to be allowed near you.

Lies and injustice

Waste not your time
To justice stop;
For justice shall never, for ever, be stopped;
Waste not your time
The truth to distort,
The truth shall never, for ever, be distorted;
Waste not your time
To uphold injustice;
Injustice does have but a short life-span;
Truth and justice belong to God;
And always prevail;
Lies and injustice are the devil’s ways;
And always crash land.

Even the devil has friends and supporters

If you think it’s only God who has friends,
You are mistaken;
Very mightily mistaken;
Even the devil has friends and supporters;
And many of them as such;
If you also think only good people have friends,
You are mistaken;
Very mistaken;
Wicked people have friends and supporters;
And many of them as such.
You mustn’t think only good people succeed,
That would be a mistake;
A very big mistake;
Evil people succeed as well;
And succeed very well.
And if you think that only clever people succeed,
You are mistaken;
Very mistaken;
Some dull people succeed;
And succeed very well.
Ours is a complex and complicated world;
The answers don’t always come in straight lines;
Very often they come in crooked lines;
What works today may not work tomorrow;
If you have a dream, go for it;
All will definitely not be for you;
But some will surely be for you.
We each have our friend and our supporters;
Both God and the devil
Have their friends and supporters.
What does this mean to you?