Lies and injustice

Waste not your time
To justice stop;
For justice shall never, for ever, be stopped;
Waste not your time
The truth to distort,
The truth shall never, for ever, be distorted;
Waste not your time
To uphold injustice;
Injustice does have but a short life-span;
Truth and justice belong to God;
And always prevail;
Lies and injustice are the devil’s ways;
And always crash land.


Even the devil has friends and supporters

If you think it’s only God who has friends,
You are mistaken;
Very mightily mistaken;
Even the devil has friends and supporters;
And many of them as such;
If you also think only good people have friends,
You are mistaken;
Very mistaken;
Wicked people have friends and supporters;
And many of them as such.
You mustn’t think only good people succeed,
That would be a mistake;
A very big mistake;
Evil people succeed as well;
And succeed very well.
And if you think that only clever people succeed,
You are mistaken;
Very mistaken;
Some dull people succeed;
And succeed very well.
Ours is a complex and complicated world;
The answers don’t always come in straight lines;
Very often they come in crooked lines;
What works today may not work tomorrow;
If you have a dream, go for it;
All will definitely not be for you;
But some will surely be for you.
We each have our friend and our supporters;
Both God and the devil
Have their friends and supporters.
What does this mean to you?

“GOOD” production factory

You are a factory for both good and evil;
While God wants to use you
To produce good and nothing but good,
The devil wants to use you
To produce evil and nothing but evil;
You are free to choose who shall use you;
If you offer yourself to God to use,
He will use you to manufacture good
In the world.
If you offer yourself to the devil to use,
He will use you to manufacture evil
In the world.
The choice is all yours to make;
Make it!
Who are you offering yourself to?
Be a GOOD production factory.

Take extra care

Have there been moments in your life when things seemed perfect? When everything seemed to be moving on well? When your spirits were very high?

In mine there have been.

At such moments, you need to be very careful. Where there is good,the devil lurks; and his intention is to destroy.

In fact, when your star is shining brightest, you have to take extra care, lest you stumble and fall; and never get up again..


If you want to succeed in this world, beware of temptation!

Many of us fall into temptation rather easily, don’t we? We do; and this creates many problems for us. You have to learn not to fall into temptation otherwise you destroy yourself very easily.

Temptation is the work of the devil. It is the devil’s trap. Through temptation the Devil wants to defeat God and destroy the world. Each time you allow yourself to fall into temptation, you join the devil to destroy good in the world, destroy the world, and destroy yourself.

The Devil is very intelligent; and uses that intelligence only for evil. What he does is to cover his evil plan with a coat that looks very attractive. It is like you dig a pit for your enemy to fall into it but you cover it with beautiful cloth and place an attractive chair on it. When your enemy sees it, he will be attracted to it thinking it is something very good. When he goes to sit on it, he will find himself down in the pit, perhaps never to come out again.

You have to watch out for anything that looks very attractive. In as much as it may be God’s hand work, it may also be the devil’s trap for you. The devil may be lurking around the corner watching to see you fall into it and then he will carry you away into his kingdom as a new catch.

Wherever God is the devil is lurking around wanting to snatch somebody away. He wants to snatch you by tempting you; showing you something that looks very attractive. He wants to entice you.

Temptation is an enemy to success. If you want to succeed, beware of temptation. Many have been destroyed because they failed to stand tall against temptation.

God promises us help in the face of all temptation. Each time you feel tempted, it’s the devil chasing you; run to God for protection.

On whose side are you?

On whose side are you? Are you on God’s side or on Devil’s side?

God wants you to do good. Devil wants you to do evil. Each time you do good, you are on God’s side. God wins one victory over Devil. Each time you do evil, you cross over to Devil’s side. Devil wins one victory over God.

God wants you to use money for good. He actually uses money for good. Each time you use money for good, God wins one battle against Devil.

Devil wants you to use money for evil. He actually uses money to cause evil. Each time you use money for evil, Devil wins one battle over God.

You have to ask yourself the question: “Am I using money to make God win or to make Devil win? Am I on God’s side or on Devil’s side?”

You are either for God in this world or for Devil. There is no in-between position. If you do more good than evil, you are on God’s side. If you do more evil than good, you are on Devil’s side.

On whose side are you?

Devil’s dirty agenda

Devil has a dirty agenda

For you;

To destroy you;

To destroy the good that you do;

To hover around you 24 on 24;

To lead you into temptation;

To pull you down;

And turn you away from your creator;

To push you hard,




Give and take bribes,


Rig elections,

Reap where you did not sow;

Make you put him first in your life.

Make you put God last in your life.