6 daily actions for a successful marriage

There are 6 daily actions I recommend to all married couples.

  1. At the start of the day, decide what you shall do that day to bring more success to your marriage.
  2. At the end of the day, do an evaluation. Ask yourself if you did all that you decided to do.
  3. Ask if you did all that you could have done that day to enhance your marriage
  4. If you find that you did not, resolve to do better the next day.
  5. If you did, thank God, congratulate yourself and resolve to continue to do your best for your marriage.
  6. Dialogue with your spouse. During this dialogue, you renew your love to each other.


Hello children!
Do you listen
To your parents?
Do you obey
Your parents?
Do you love
Your parents?
Do you honor
Your parents?
Do you help
Your parents?
Do you dialogue
With your parents?

Good children
Live happily
Their parents;
Good children
Listen to
Their parents;
Good children
Their parents.
Good children
Their parents;

Tell me what you have
To add to this list.

A deep conversation

I want us to have a deep conversation;
Which I hope will lead to conversion;
If we open our hearts to each other
It will lift our relationship higher.
I don’t believe in deadlock;
I believe in dialogue;
To succeed with people even in marriage,
Dialogue, I strongly encourage.
To have peace in your house,
Always have conversations with your spouse.


Acoustic Song ‘Link To The Global Nerve’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s acoustic Song ‘Link To The Global Nerve’


Download this and many other great songs from Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Future Rocks’ Concert album here on iTunes

Future Rocks Concert - Michel Montecrossa

Link To The Global Nerve

Consciousness is embedded in your brain,
it is more in its action than thinkin’
and feelin’, pleasure and pain.
It is the link to the global nerve.

Revolutions that lead to war are a drag,
useless they are, are male and are sex
perverted into aggression and hate-satisfaction,
are not the link to the global nerve.

The true female is the life-giving force.
The boys need a mother and a girlfriend, of course:
Tanks and guns won’t give them love.
Love is the link to the global nerve.

Love is the future if humanity wins
and governments no longer with corruption stink,
misleading the people into poverty and crime.
They aren’t the link to the global nerve.

The global nerve is the heart-nerve of your soul,
it makes you intelligent, makes you grow
into Futureman, into someone who knows
the link to the global nerve.

Communication is so simple and dialogue is strong
if you know the goal of unity and all it means
for your loved ones and everyone on this earth.
It is the link to the global nerve.

Live for peace and light and love.
Don’t follow liars, follow wisdom that knows.
Be yourself what you want the world to be.
This is the link to the global nerve.

Don’t stand alone in the storm of confusion,
move and join the greater union
of creative people and humanity-feeling.
It is the link to the global nerve.

With my girl I am happy, with my children glad.
With my neighbor I am friendly, know how to share.
For freedom I stand, fair wages, good work.
I have the link to the global nerve.

Satisfaction through love and not through hate
is the education everyone deserves,
is the right thing for every boy and man and woman
and girl, is the true link to the global nerve.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


Michel Montecrossa Homepage: http://www.MichelMontecrossa.com

To stay updated follow the Michel Montecrossa Blog: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com

The song is included in Michel Montecrossa’s Acoustic Solo Concert titled ‘Topical Action’ that you can watch here


On your way to success

Peter: To take a resolution to make the most of your opportunities in 2016, is a laudable decision.

John: And what do you mean by ‘to make the most of your opportunities’ if I may ask?

Peter: What a question! What do you understand by it? Secondly, what do you think about it?

John: You tell me. That is what I am anxious to know since you give the impression that you know.

Peter: It’s simple. It means:

You are determined to succeed;
You work as hard as you can;
You think and act positively;
You plan your work well;
And follow your plan;
And never give up
Until you achieve
That which you are out
To achieve.

John: That sounds beautiful! And that is my resolution for this year.

Peter: Brilliant! You are on your way to success. Bravo!

Where your problem lies

Do you know
Where your problem lies?

Not until you tell me.

Let me tell you:
Your belief;
Do you believe in me?
Do you believe when I say
The best for you
Is still to come?
Do you believe when
Another says to you:
“The best for you
Is still to come?”

Not at all.
It’s more or less zz to me.

There you are!
Had you believed, that would have
Been fine;
Now that you don’t,
That’s where
Your problem lies.
You doubt the truth;
How then can it come true
For you?
You have to believe;
Without doubt;
And then work for it;
You have to persist;
And keep on working;
And keep on believing;
Until the truth comes true.
As simple as that.

That sounds quite easy;

I know;
But to get there;
That’s the problem.
You have to be determined;
You have to be strong;
That, you can be.

That, I will be.

Let’s sit and talk

What is wrong with us
My love?
What is wrong with us
That we cannot fix?
Our love is on the rocks;
And yet we fold our arms
And watch it go
From bad to worse.
What makes it hard, my love,
To sit and talk?
And let it be known
That what God has put together,
No one can put asunder.
Let’s sit and talk;
And share our love;
And our worries and fears.
Let’s sit and talk;
And put our love
Back on the