SIWO Global News 29th May 2018 #43

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Britain’s biggest family has 21st baby on the way

Sue, 42, and Noel, 47, Radford are expecting their 21st baby, a girl.  Sue made the announcement on Instagram.  After their 20th baby  in September, Sue said it was their last baby.  The family own a bakery company and don’t take State Benefits except Child Benefit.

Their eldest is Chris at 28-years old, the older siblings help their parents with cleaning, cooking and looking after younger ones.  They live in a ten-bedroom house in Morecambe. Their Channel 4 reality show has been running for many years.

Fatal shooting in Liege, Belgium

Two police officers and a bystander was shot by a man in a terrorist attack.  Soraya Belkacemi and Lucille Garcia were attacked from behind with a knife and the gun man took their handguns and shot them.  He kept shooting at cars and shot 22-year old Cyril Vangrieckei deed too.  He also tied to kidnap a female cleaner at a school but failed because the police disabled Belgian Benjamin Herman and his wicked plan.

Westminster Abbey’s new Diamond Jubilee Gallery to open

In 700 years the roof space of the Westminster Abbey has not been opened to the public.  Replicas of the Crown Jewels and effigies of past royals are among the displays.  In 2015, while planning a museum, among the debris dug from the floor of the roof items from the 15th century were discovered.  They are all on exhibition here and it is anticipated to be popular.

Inspirational Story

Pilotes Volontaires

Jose Benevente and Benoit Micolon spent all their money, their total life savings to buy an airplane.  This would help them rescue the people crossing the Mediterranean in  the small dingy boats.  They did not want to wait to apply for finance.

With 25 years experience working for the Red Cross, Benevente knew the business.  The two met when getting their pilot’s licence and their chat turned to the plight of Syrian refugees.

They refused to believe or justify the high fatalities and with their airplane they spot boats in difficulties.


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