Life’s calendar

Every life has its calendar;
One you do not master;
Neither do you control;
Illnes is not death;
Don’t pity someone
Who is ill,
And believe they will die
Before you,
Because they are ill,
And you are well and strong;
It doesn’t matter
How critically ill they may be;
Someone may be very ill;
And another not;
There is no certainty
Who will die
Before the other;
Life and death
Both come from God;
And their secret,
He alone knows;
He alone determines
The calendar of our lives;
He determibes when we are born;
And when we die.
We have to leave all
In his almighty hands.
As his decision is final,
And the best that can ever
be taken.

Flame of hope

If the flame of hope
Is alive in you,
Success will eventually
Come to you;
No matter how long
It may take.
Keep the flame of hope
In you burning;
It will light up the path
Of success for you;
Never let the flame
Of hope die;
If the flame of hope
In you dies,
You will become hopeless.
Who wants
To become hopeless?
You have only one choice
In this game of life;
To keep nurturing
The flame of hope in you;
To keep the flame of hope
In you burning;
To keep the flame of hope
In you alive and kicking.

Our brother traveled home

Our lovely brother traveled home
Unexpectedly this week;
He had no plans to travel;
None of us saw a journey coming;
But it came;and took us unawares;
He never even packed his bag;
Empty handed he went;
Our father called him home;
We have not understood
Why father called him home
So abruptly;
But that is how it happened;
And what makes it so sad is,
He will never return;
None of us goes home
And returns to this work place;
When we go home, we go home;
And we can only wait for others
Join us;
That is what we must do
One by one.
Farewell brother;
Travel safely home.

Before I kick the bucket

If you want to know my bucket list,
What I’d want to do
Before I kick the bucket,
It’s no difficulty for me to tell you.
Though I never thought of this before,
Let me tell you right away;
See my kids well settled,
And be sure they and their mum
Will be fine;
Publish many books
That will live for long,
Touch many hearts
And transform many lives.
Make some good money
And see a bit of the world;
See my blog become a website
That will, millions of lives, transform;
And help make the world an excellent place
For all to enjoy.

Kick It
What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?