Quote ( God’s call)

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“If God calls you, don’t turn it down. If you are absolutely certain that He has called you or is pointing to a direction for you to follow, make no mistake. That is the direction you must follow. No other one can be better. Even if it looks unrealistic or unachievable, comply with confidence. He will accompany you and you will end up realizing you took the best decision.” (Romilia Quotes)

Have a sense of direction

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If I put my ship on the sea,
Without an idea
Of where I want to go,
What would you think of me?
And what do you think
Is most likely To happen to me?

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If I go to board a plane
Without an idea
Of where I want to go,
What would you think of me?
And what do you think
Is most likely to happen to me?

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If you find me tilling a farm,
Without an idea
Of what I want to plant there,
What would you think of me?
And what do you think
Will likely happen to the farm?

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If I set out for University,
Without an idea
Of the course to follow there,
What would you think of me?
And what do you think
Will most likely happen to me?

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In this world,
We must have a sense of direction:
Know where we are going,
Why we are going there,
And how we will get there;
This intentional living
Leads to success.


Failure is not always a bad thing as many people think.

Failure has both a bad side and a good side. At times it is the best thing that happens to you. Your greatest opportunity could come from your failure.

What failure does to you or how failure turns out to be depends on how you take it and what you do about it. Failure offers you the opportunity to start again or to change direction.

Do you know what can happen if you start anew or change direction?

It is possible for the new beginning or new direction to lead you to where you have always longed to be. Hence, each time failure comes, accept it and explore ways to get the best out of it.

Song ‘Thinkin’ About The Future’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Thinkin’ About The Future’



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Thinkin’ About The Future

I’m thinkin’ about the future
and I’m thinkin’ about us all.
I’m thinkin’ about the world
of the young and the poor.
I’m thinkin’ about the world
of the yet unborn.

There are big shots
but they don’t talk true.
It’s up to the people
to decide what to do.
Bankas and politos push the world
in the wrong direction.

But the best direction is love
and the best way is unity.
The people know that
too little too late is no deal.
I’m thinkin’ about the world
and The United States Of Planet Earth.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


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