Where are we headed to?

Who is wondering like me?
Where are we headed to?
What is the destiny of humanity?
I find a lot of things worrisome in this world;
And wonder why we can’t do something about them;
Can’t we ward off
The impending disaster?
It’s right at our threshold;
And do you know why?
We are moving in the wrong direction;
We have failed to pay heed
To what our Creator requires of us.
Haven’t we been comnanded to love one another?
And be each other’s keeper?
But what do we do?
We hate one another;
And want one another sitting in mud;
If we loved one another,
We wouldn’t be cheating others,
There wouldn’t be injustice;
We wouldn’t be quarrelling;
We wouldn’t be fighting;
We wouldn’t be killing one another;
Where we are now,
We are heading to disaster;
Trouble never before seen;
We may destroy this most precious possession:
The world.
Which means we will destroy one another;
Is that fair?
It’s quite stupid of us;
And the work of greed.
No! we must save the world.
We cannot destroy ourselves

Our world

The world is moving
In revrerse;
In the opposite direction;
It is not moving right;
It is moving to the left;
It is not moving forward;
It is moving backwards;
The sun is not shining
On the earth;
The rain is pouring
The earth is deprived of light;
Plunged into darkness;
One can understand.
Where have we kept God;
We worship money,
We worship property;
We worship power
All agents of the evil one;
More than God;
Why would the world not be
The way it is?
Why would it not be
Going down the drain?
Indeed, unless we take
An about turn,
Who can guess
Where we are headed.
Disaster looms over us
For our planet;
Let us act while it is
Not too late.

Fortunately unfortunate

How fortunate!
That this, unfortunately,
Has happened to you!
You shiver
When you think of it;
But take a closer look,
It has offered you
The opportunity of your life;
One you would pay anything
To acquire.
It has taught you
Many precious lessons;
Unforgettable lessons;
Invaluable lessons;
Transformative lessons.
Far from being negative,
The experience is positive;
It is so fortunate
That you had this misfortune.
Fortune delayed
Is not fortune denied;
Your best thing
Is your misfortune.
Your greatest blessing
You should thank God for
Is the disaster
That befell you;
That is what is taking you
to the top.
You are so fortunate
That this unfortunate thing
Happened to you.
Thank God you had such
A great misfortune.

Control your emotions

Control your emotions
Else your emotions
Control you;
When you control your emotions,
You take wise decisions
And act wisely;
When your emotions control you,
You take sloppy decisions
And act foolishly;
And the results can be
Many times your emotions
Will rock you
And threaten to carry you away;
Or control you;
Instead of you controlling them;
Don’t give them a chance
To carry you off
To a destination you don’t approve;
You must be the master
Not the servant of your emotions;
Control your emotions;
Don’t let your emotions control you.
True, that you may have strong emotions;
But let them pass through the sifter of reason;
Eve allowed her emotions to control her;
And she ate the forbidden fruit,
Adam allowed his emotions
To control him;
And he ate the forbidden fruit;
We have never stopped,
And will never stop
Paying the price;
If you let your emotions
Carry you away
That will be a great mistake;
Acting unreasonably;
You will do wrong
And claim it’s right;
You will listen to nobody;
And become hard to get along with;
Your life will slide gradually
Towards a precipice,
Where disaster awaits you.
If you fly your plane
When your emotions are high,
You may crash-land;
You must learn to control
Your emotions;
Don’t allow your emotions
To control you.
When emotions, especially
Strong emotions are
Allowed to take control,
Tragedy always follows.
Never forget this;
And control your emotions.

Set on flames!

Success! You talk of
And you talk of human
Who is succeeding?
If a man’s beautiful
Is set on flames,
Someone’s beautiful car
Is set on flames,
Someone’s certificates
Go up in flames,
All things precious
To someone
Go up in flames,
A fellow’s dreams all
Go up in flames;
What a terrible tragedy
That can be!
Which too often happens;
What must one do?
It’s a trial of nerves;
Too hard in deed!
But life must continue;
One must pick up
The broken pieces,
And continue;
If that’s you, move on.
Life is hard;
Yes, it is hard;
But it isn’t supposed
To be a bed of roses.
Sweet things;
Tragic ones not left out;
But I wont dwell on
The negatives;
But on the positives.

Trouble is looming

If I tell you I am happy,
That would not be true;
I am not at all happy;
I have worries and fears;
Worries about the future;
I can’t say what is coming;
What looms in the air
Is frightful;
The sky is dark;
I see trouble blowing;
But I can’t say, for sure,
What kind of trouble it is;
Disaster hangs overhead
For everybody;
Death seems in the horizon;
I see shooting and killing;
I see war impending;
And what’s worse,
We cannot help ourselves.
We have become a helpless lot;
Who count on God alone;
Help us O Lord.
Without you we’re finished.

Inspirational Verse 5

This is the Lord’s promise:
“I will show my concern for you and keep my promise to bring you back home. I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. Then you will call to me. You will come and pray to me, and I will answer you. You will seek me and you will find me because you will seek me with all your heart.”
(Jeremiah 29:10-13).

Isn’t D.T. a disaster?

Isn’t D. T.
A disaster for America?
Isn’t D. T.
An embarrassment to his country?
How does a giant give birth to a dwarf?
That Americans have taken D. T. this far
Blows off my mind;
Or is it D.T. who has fooled his people?
America is my moral giant;
Can she be led by a moral dwarf?
Americans, please, stop this disaster;
Push D.T. out of the political arena;
He is an embarrassment, if not to all,
To many.

I cry for the world

I see our world moving towards disaster;
I am worried;
My heart bleeds for the world;
I have no doubt in my mind that we will
Destroy our world
If things continue the way they are going;
We are on the wrong path;
We are taking the wrong steps;
Look at all the hatred
And what it’s doing to us all;
Look at all the conflicts; the wars;
The killings going on;
I feel for the world;
I cry for the world.
My heart bleeds for the disaster ahead;
Can’t this be avoided?