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Encourage discourage

Open your ears To the encouraging words Of others; You need them When the going is tough, When your spirits are down; By the way, We are meant to journey Together. Shut your ears To the discouraging words Of others; Negative thinkers abound, And always ready With a long list of reasons You should not…

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You were leading

You were leading; What happened? What went wrong? You were overtaken; You fell back; You stopped fighting; Or you didn’t fight Hard enough; You allowed Devil discouragement To slip in unnoticed; And has caused Tremendous damage; Great damage; Real damage, Never before seen. But it’s not too late; Take back your place; Get back On…

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The 3 Ds are over

I allowed myself To be distracted before; Not anymore; I allowed myself To be derailed before; Not anymore; I allowed myself To be discouraged before; Not anymore. Now, I know what is meant By focus; I will focus On what I want to do; No more distraction; No more derailment; No more discouragement; 3 Ds…

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No stopping

No stopping!Till I arrive;Obstacles I will meet;Distractions will comeMy way;DiscouragementWill knock onMy door.Whatever it is, my mottoWill remain:“No stopping!”

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Look for a way

If a massive boulder lies On your path; And no way you have to proceed; What are you to do? Who can advice; You want to go on to your Chosen destination, But there lies this boulder; An obstacle so large; You feel discouraged; And confused; What are you to do? Give up and go…

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Be an inspiration today?

What shall you be today? To those you meet? Shall you be a source Of inspiration? Shall you be a source Of encouragement Or a source Of discouragement? What shall you be today? To your family? To your colleagues; To your superiors? To your inferiors? To your leaders? To your followers? Shall you be a…

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