Parking it in the garage

I am starting a new day
With new zeal;
I won’t let anything
Hold me back;
I will not give a chance
To discouragement;
Discouragement is good
At nothing;
Apart from making me fail;
I shall not give it a chance
To do that;
I cannot allow it
To cause my downfall.
I am parking it
In the garage.


I know what it means

I know what it means,
When you turn around,
And find yourself alone
In this world;
And it so often happens;
When you look left
And look right,
And nobody to stand by you;
You feel abandoned;
Have you ever been
In such a situation?
As we say,
Water flowing all over,
But you can’t find
A single drop
To quench your thirst;
Let me encourage you;
God’s time is
Always the best;
Human time can only be good;
Only God’s time
Is best.
If you find yourself lonely
In a crowd,
Don’t forget:
God’s time
Is the best time.
Surely, he will be busy
Working out something
For you.

You can’t discourage me? (Be inspired today 384 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Don’t think you can ever
Discourage me;
Let no one deceive you?
You can’t;
No one can discourage me;
Why should I allow myself
To be discouraged?
I am impervious to discouragement;
Those who allow themselves
To be easily discouraged,
Don’t know what they are doing;
If you want to succeed, don’t allow yourself
To fall prey
To discouragement;
That would mean defeating
How do you defeat yourself?
Discouragement is an enemy
To success;
Block it;
Let it not have access
To you.

Crush or be crushed (Be inspired today 188 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Like every other person on the face of the earth, you will have your low moments when discouragement or frustration will threaten to grip you.

What you do at such moments determines whether you will belong to the class of winners or losers.

The losers allow discouragement and frustration to crush them. The winners crush discouragement and frustration.

Crush or be crushed.

You must never allow discouragement or frustration to crush you. Instead, you crush them and march forward to victory.

Hence, I reiterate crush or be crushed.

Keep quiet little voice!

I hear a little voice,
That sounds so loud;
Inside of me;
A very little voice;
That sounds so loud;
And do you know
What it’s telling me?
To stop what I’m doing;
To give up;
To stop trying to succeed,
As it is no use;
That I will fail;
It sounds so loud and clear,
And convincing too;
And doesn’t give me,
A chance to think;
It’s bombarding me;
Telling me no need
To think;
That I must waste no time
To carry on
What I am doing;
That it’s foolish of me
To do so;
But do you know what?
Damn it?
I am paying no heed,
To that little voice;
It Failure’s voice,
Trying to spread it’s feelers;
All over the world;
To install itself in my life;
Failure, you will fail;
That message is stupid;
A discouraging message;
No room
For discouraging messages
In my life;
I will not listen
To that little voice
With it’s discouraging message;
I will not allow myself
To be discouraged;
I will continue to do
What I am doing;
I will keep on going;
I will persist
No matter the difficulties
That I will find on my way;
I will not give up
Till I succeed;
And I will succeed.
Silence then, little voice;
Keep quiet,
And allow me
To pursue my goal.

SIWO international

Fly on the wings of encouragement

Today, I wish
To encourage you
To float above
The waves of
And fly on the wings
Of encouragement;
Do you still bow
To discouragement?
Do you still allow
To take the better
Of you?
After what you
Know about
How can you still allow
To grip you?
If you give in
To discouragement,
Those who are easily
Hardly make it big.
Learn to swim
Above discouragement.
Float above the waves
Of discouragement;
And fly on the wings
Of encouragement.

Never lose hope!

Every day, I went further down;
It worried me;
I didn’t like it,
And fought hard,
But still I went down;
I felt discouraged;

But somehow, I did not give up;
I managed to stay on;
I only managed to stay on;
Hanging on hope;
Hope that as day follows darkness,
Better days would come.
Soon I found
I had reached rock bottom;
I couldn’t go down further;
The next day I started going up;
I didn’t work any harder though;
But I began to go up;
And everyday I went higher up;
It wasn’t long, I was at the top;
As you go down, so can you go up.
Hope! Never lose hope!

Encourage discourage

Open your ears
To the encouraging words
Of others;
You need them
When the going is tough,
When your spirits are down;
By the way,
We are meant to journey

Shut your ears
To the discouraging words
Of others;
Negative thinkers abound,
And always ready
With a long list of reasons
You should not do
What you want to do,
Whereas it is exactly
What you should do.

Two kinds of people
Then we have:
Those who encourage;
And those who discourage;
You are in the middle
To make the choice;
Wisdom calls;
Open your ears
When you should;
And close them
When you should.

Two opposing forces
Each pulling you;
To which side you go
Whether you succeed
Or you fail;
Discouragement is the road
To woeful failure;
Take right to encouragement
That is the path to success.

You were leading

You were leading;
What happened?
What went wrong?
You were overtaken;
You fell back;
You stopped fighting;
Or you didn’t fight
Hard enough;
You allowed
Devil discouragement
To slip in unnoticed;
And has caused
Tremendous damage;
Great damage;
Real damage,
Never before seen.
But it’s not too late;
Take back your place;
Get back
On honor role;
Start to lead again;
That is your place.
Squarely where
You’re meant to be.