Never lose hope!

Every day, I went further down;
It worried me;
I didn’t like it,
And fought hard,
But still I went down;
I felt discouraged;

But somehow, I did not give up;
I managed to stay on;
I only managed to stay on;
Hanging on hope;
Hope that as day follows darkness,
Better days would come.
Soon I found
I had reached rock bottom;
I couldn’t go down further;
The next day I started going up;
I didn’t work any harder though;
But I began to go up;
And everyday I went higher up;
It wasn’t long, I was at the top;
As you go down, so can you go up.
Hope! Never lose hope!


Encourage discourage

Open your ears
To the encouraging words
Of others;
You need them
When the going is tough,
When your spirits are down;
By the way,
We are meant to journey

Shut your ears
To the discouraging words
Of others;
Negative thinkers abound,
And always ready
With a long list of reasons
You should not do
What you want to do,
Whereas it is exactly
What you should do.

Two kinds of people
Then we have:
Those who encourage;
And those who discourage;
You are in the middle
To make the choice;
Wisdom calls;
Open your ears
When you should;
And close them
When you should.

Two opposing forces
Each pulling you;
To which side you go
Whether you succeed
Or you fail;
Discouragement is the road
To woeful failure;
Take right to encouragement
That is the path to success.

You were leading

You were leading;
What happened?
What went wrong?
You were overtaken;
You fell back;
You stopped fighting;
Or you didn’t fight
Hard enough;
You allowed
Devil discouragement
To slip in unnoticed;
And has caused
Tremendous damage;
Great damage;
Real damage,
Never before seen.
But it’s not too late;
Take back your place;
Get back
On honor role;
Start to lead again;
That is your place.
Squarely where
You’re meant to be.

The 3 Ds are over

I allowed myself
To be distracted before;
Not anymore;
I allowed myself
To be derailed before;
Not anymore;
I allowed myself
To be discouraged before;
Not anymore.
Now, I know what is meant
By focus;
I will focus
On what I want to do;
No more distraction;
No more derailment;
No more discouragement;
3 Ds are over:
I will keep going
Till I reach my destination.

Look for a way

adventure boulders clouds daylight

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If a massive boulder lies
On your path;
And no way you have to proceed;
What are you to do?
Who can advice;
You want to go on to your
Chosen destination,
But there lies this boulder;
An obstacle so large;
You feel discouraged;
And confused;
What are you to do?
Give up and go back to where
You come?
Not my advice at all;
You must look for a way;
You cannot give up;
You have to do everything
To look for a way;
Once you’re in, you’re in;
No turning back.
You have to stay,
And look for a way;
To your destination
You must make sure you go.

Be an inspiration today?

What shall you be today?
To those you meet?
Shall you be a source
Of inspiration?
Shall you be a source
Of encouragement
Or a source
Of discouragement?
What shall you be today?
To your family?
To your colleagues;
To your superiors?
To your inferiors?
To your leaders?
To your followers?
Shall you be a blessing?
Or you shall be a curse?
Shall you be light?
Or you shall be darkness?
What shall you be today?
To your neighbors?
To your teammates?
To your business partner?
To your teacher?
To your student?
Shall you be an good example?
Or a bad example?
Shall you be a role model?
Shall you be a joy?
Or you shall be a sorrow?
Our daily desire
Should be to be
A source of inspiration
To those we meet;
To be light not darkness;
To be a source of encouragement,
Not a source of discouragement.
May your light shine
Ever so brightly this day;
That you may be a real source
Of joy to all those you meet.

Nothing will stop me

Are you there?
Nothing will stop me;
I shall keep hammering;
If the rock does not
I shall not stop;
I shall hammer on;
And if I hammer
A thousand times,
And the stone refuses
To shatter,
Don’t think
I will be discouraged;
And stop;
I will not;
I will feel challenged
To put in more effort;
To emerge on top.
If this is determination,
I am determined;
And I will make it;
Nothing will stop me