Quote ( discouraging messages)

“Discouraging messaages are stubborn. No matter how many times you push them back, they never give up. They keep coming. Learn from them and do like them. Keep pushing them back. Never give them a chance.” (Romilia Quotes)


Quote on discouraging messages

“Achievers or those who move their lives and the world forward are those who ignore the discouraging messages that pour in from others and take action. Those who have nothing to show in life, and who can be called underachievers are mostly those who do nothing except to criticize the achievers. My advice, therefore, is, if people try to discourage you when you are set on something, do not listen. Instead double your effort.” Romilia Quotes

Messages to guard against

There are some messages that you need to guard against. They are what we call discouraging messages, aimed at discouraging you from doing what you want to do to become the person you want to be.
Here are some discouraging messages:
Don’t try;
You will not succeed;
You will fail;
You cannot do it;
You are not up to it;
Who are you?

The list cannot be exhausted. You certainly know quite a good number of these discouraging messages. If you don’t mind it, please, add to this list.

Childhood dreams

When I look back at life, I regret that I did not stick to a precious childhood dream I had. I now see very clearly that I would have achieved it already. I allowed myself to be discouraged.

This happens to many people. They have a lofty dream when they are young; and believe with all their heart it is what they want to achieve; but, unfortunately, along the line, they allow discouragement to take hold of them and make them abandon the dream.

Later,they realize when it is too late, that had they hung up long enough, they would have achieved it; and that would have made them great.

Do you find yourself in that situation? It is possible. Let me assure you that you can achieve that childhood dream of yours even if you now think it is too lofty for you to achieve. No goal can be too lofty for you if you can conceive it.

Not to start regretting when it is too late, do not do with your childhood dream like I did with mine. Do not abandon it. Do not give in to discouraging messages.

Who was to blame?

Once upon a time, Vanny had a goal. It was a lofty goal. He was confident he would achieve it and be right on top of the world. His spirits were high; and with great confidence and high expectations, he went after his goal.

Do you know where Vanny is today? Right at the bottom; not the top as he had dreamed.

After some time, all of a sudden, he began to doubt his ability to achieve his goal. It suddenly looked too big for him. In his own eyes, he was too ambitious which was bad of him. He felt it was unreasonable, unrealistic and immodest of him to have such a big goal.

Actually, this was not all his thinking. The people around him put that into his mind. In many ways, spoken and unspoken, they told him he could not achieve such a goal; that it was too big for him; that he was too ambitious; that such a goal was not for people like him.

From all directions, discouraging messages inundated Vanny. Some came from people he knew; some from people he did not know; some came from people who were close to him, loved him and did not want him to get into trouble. They truly wanted the best for him. Some came from people who did not want to see him succeed.

With a mind constantly bombarded by negative, discouraging messages, Vanny gradually lost faith in his goal. He ended up thinking it was not the right goal for him. He did not see himself achieving such a lofty goal. He agreed with those who held that such a goal was not meant for people like him; and that it was bad of him to be that ambitious.

He abandoned his ‘unrealistic’ goal and went for a ‘realistic’ goal; and got it. It made him stable; as a normal person was expected to be. All those around him were happy that he had become wise and was living a reasonable life.

It is thirty years since and Vanny is still living a ‘reasonable life’; but it is not easy at all. He can hardly make ends meet. He lives in a small home of his own; and manages to keep his family up.

He is an unhappy man. When he looks at his life, he cannot believe he is the one. This is not where he had dreamed to be. The ‘stable life’ he went for has not delivered. He looks back he sees how possible it had been for him to achieve the lofty goal he had abandoned. Many of his friends were daring and believed i their dreams to the end. They are high up. He is full of regret; but there is very little he can do.

Dear friends, I would like somebody to draw inspiration from this story and advise young people on how to go about their dreams so as not to regret tomorrow as Vanny is doing today. Kindly tell them what to do or not to do to achieve their goals. Who is to blame for Vanny’s failure to achieve the lofty goal he had conceived?
What was he supposed to do? Are you like Vanny in any way? Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts on this.

How to get the most out of today


Start the day with a prayer.


For the spirit of the Lord to guide you;

For the wisdom of the Lord to lead you;

For the love of the Lord to inspire you;

For the goodness of the Lord to shine through you;

For the peace of the Lord to come upon you;

For the energy of the Lord to be in you;


Decide what you want to do today.

Take the decision to do it to the best of your ability.

Work as if all your success depended on hard work.

Maintain a positive mind throughout the day.

Give a deaf ear to discouraging messages

No matter where they come from.

Do not give up until you achieve

what you have decided to achieve.