You will discover

If you stay long enough,
If you search enough,
If you are serious enough,
If you are focused enough,
If you are positive enough,
I am confident
You will discover
What you need;
You will discover ways
That work;
And ways that don’t work;
You will discover
Ways to get what you want.


Search ends

My search for you has ended
After a period of twenty years;
I will search no more;
It has not been an easy search;
I searched everywhere I could;
In the city and in the country;
In the day and in the night;
In rain and in sun;
I never knew it would ever
Come to and end;
Especially a happy end;
Happily, that is what has happened;
It has come to a happy end;
I have found what I wanted;
I have found you;
I will search no more.

Daily prompt: Search