If we were honest

If we were honest,
There would be no poverty
In the world;
We are the cause
Of the poverty
Which has made the world
So hard for many people.

If we were honest,
There wouldn’t be cheating
Of others;
Many people are cheated
Because a lot of us are dishonest;
And the most dishonest
Among us
Are those in the corridors
Of power.

If we were honest,
There would be no embezzlement;
No mismanagement
Of public resources.
Those who embezzle
And mismanage money
Are dishonest people.

If we were honest,
We would not be quarreling
And fighting
And killing one another.
If squabbles are galore,
Leading to violence, wars And killings,
It is because many of us
Are dishobest.

If we were honest,
The world would be more serene,
And all parts of the world
Would be developed;
If some parts are still in darkness,
It is because we are not honest.

Our main challenge
In the world is to be honest.
We need to invest more;
Make a greater effort
To get rid of the moral decadence
That has gripped
All societies.


Be honest (Be inspired today 318 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do not be dishonest;
Do not go for dishonest riches;
Be honest;
The bible warns against
Riches dishonestly earned;
Do not take bribe;
You will land
Not only yourself,
But also your family
Into trouble;
It is better to be poor
But honest,
Than to be rich
And dishonest;
If you get a good position
By playing a foul game,
That position will bring you
More sorrow than joy;
Do not raise your children
With stolen money;
Or money you get
By cheating someone;
You cannot do that
And claim to be a success;
Neither can your children
See light.
Of all policies,
It is well known
Or everyone should know
Honesty is the best policy;
Therefore, be honest.

Quote (dishonest people)


“If the world is beset by problems, one reason is there are so many dishonest people. In fact, many of the world’s people cannot be trusted. They tell lies without blinking. There are a lot of good people though; but the evil ones seem to exert more influence than the good ones. That is my observation, anyway.” Romilia Quotes